WWE RAW Live Results- 30 Sept 2019

Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton

Everyone clears the ring and Orton & Rollins even help out in clearing the props and mat from the Miz TV segment. They were about to start the match when Baron Corbin enters the ringside. The distraction allowed Orton to take a shot at the back of Rollins. As Rollins tries to fight back, Corbin hits the ring to join the attack. He uses his scepter to hit Rollins in his guts.

Rusev comes out and unloads on Orton and Corbin with fans cheering him on. Rusev blocks the RKO and nails a big Machka Kick. Rollins hits a superkick to King Corbin and Rusev follows with a few of his own. Rollins sends Orton over the barrier into the crowd. Orton comes back over and stumbles around the ringside area. Fans chant for Rusev as he stands tall with Rollins in the ring. Rollins and Rusev join Hogan and Hart on the stage.

Charly Caruso stops Rusev backstage and asks where Lana is. Rusev just stares off and doesn’t say anything. Caruso says let’s not focus on Lana, let’s talk about Rusev. Rusev says he’s not here to talk about his problems at home, but he is here to talk about Seth Rollins’ problems at work. He goes on about how he was the only one to make the save for Rollins tonight when he got double-teamed. Rusev knows Rollins owes him a debt, and he’s here to collect. Rusev challenges Rollins to a WWE Universal Title match and then walks off.

A new video from Akam and Rezar, The Authors of Pain. They both go on about violence in this one.

The Viking Raiders vs Anderson and Gallows from the OC

Ivar takes control and plants Anderson in the corner. Erik tags in and puts him down with a slam. Ivar and Gallows both get the tag and Big Luke corners him for some body shots. The crowd is absolutely dead right now. Gallows drops an elbow for a two count. Erik gets the upper hand after a tag with a flurry of strikes on Anderson. He drills Anderson with a knee to the face as we head to a break.

Ivar and Anderson get the tag. Ivar goes to work and hits a senton out of the corner followed by a clothesline on Gallows. He brings Erik back in for a clothesline/German suplex combo. Erik throws Anderson out of the ring but Gallows makes a blind tag and hits a two-handed chokeslam for a near fall. Erik and Ivar hit their finisher on Anderson to pick up the win.

Winners- The Viking Raiders

Charly Caruso talks about Rey Mysterio and his son leaving RAW in an ambulance earlier tonight. She has learned that Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman are still here, and they want time to address what happened. Cesaro interrupts and asks who cares, and mocks Mysterio and Dominick. Ricochet appears and stands up for Mysterio. They have words and Ricochet challenges Cesaro to a match. Ricochet says he will be waiting in the ring for him.

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