RAW Ended with an All Out 8 Men Brawl

This week’s RAW ended with an All-Out brawl involving Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe, the Usos, Drew McIntyre, Cedric Alexander, and Gallows and Anderson, which lasted around 10 minutes.

RAW Brawl 29 July 2019

WWE advertised “Samoan Summit” to iron out the differences between Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe. The event was supposed to close out Raw this week. But it didn’t happen as Samoa Joe, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson jumped Roman Reigns and The Usos in a backstage segment late in the show when they were seeing off Seth Rollins in the hospital.

Joe tried to close out the show by calling out Reigns to another fight. But then Drew McIntyre decided to join in and so did Cedric Alexander. As the brawl reached the entrance and announce table, the Usos and the Good Brothers also joined. Suddenly the camera pulled out to reveal Alexander standing on top of the LED board. He then jumped down onto the entire crowd of wrestlers below.

As the action returned to the ring, Roman, Cedric Alexander and the Usos took the upper hand. They cleared the ring ended the show standing tall over the heels. Since none of them are currently booked for SummerSlam, it’s possible that an eight-man tag match is in store for them for the show.

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