Asuka & Otis Win Money in the Bank Ladder Matches

Asuka Money in the Bank Ladder
Asuka Wins Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Otis and Asuka won Money in the Bank Ladder men and women matches to win the World Title Contract briefcase at the 2020 namesake PPV.

Both men and women’s matches started simultaneously at WWE Headquarters Building. Asuka was the one to draw first blood as the matches started. As the other participants gathered in the lobby, she was already on the first floor, took out others with a dive and quickly got into the elevator to ascend the floors.

The men’s match started in the HQ gym with participants brawling in pairs. AJ Styles was left buried under the weight bar as others took a head start. Rey Mysterio ran into Brother Love in Bathroom in a funny cameo. The next big spot was Bryan hitting Yes kicks on Corbin while Otis kept up with Yes! chants.

The women enter a conference room while brawling. Dana Brooke noticed a briefcase hanging from the roof and took it down. But her celebration was cut short as Stephaine McMahon appeared and told her that it was not the actual briefcase. Carmella picked up her portrait from 2017 MITB win and smacked it over Brooke’s head.

AJ Styles finally returned into the match, he was confronted by Undertaker’s images in the lobby. A food fight broke out by Otis when he threw a burger at Paul Heyman. He also got to throw a cream pie at John Laurinaitis. Baszler also choked out Rey Mysterio in the commotion. AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan brawled their way into Vince McMahon’s office and had to rearrange the chair before getting kicked out.

As everyone raced off to the floor, Carmella was put through a table by Nia Jax, Dana Brooke slipped on the wet floor and Baszler was knocked out by Asuka. The action finally reached the ring on the top floor of the building where Asuka, Nia Jax and Lacey Evans took turns to get hit each other for a while.

Men participants kept brawling on their way up and finally reached the top floor. As Asuka looked to get to the top, Baron Corbin, for some reason, tried to stop her. He got a boot in return and Asuka brought down the briefcase to win the contract.

Men’s match continued after this as they took a turn to deck each other. Corbin threw Black and Mysterio over the ledge to send fans into a frenzy, with some even wondering if they are alive or not. Styles and Corbin climbed the ladder and brought down the briefcase simultaneously. That’s when Elias made his way into the match and wrecked his guitar onto Corbin’s back.

This resulted in AJ Styles fumbling the briefcase which then landed into Otis’s arms who standing under the ladder. Otis celebrated the shocking win and kept shouting, “Mandy, I did it.”

Asuka Wins Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Asuka Wins Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match 2020

Participants- Aleister Black, Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio, Otis, Baron Corbin, AJ Styles

Winner- Otis

Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match 2020

Participants- Asuka, Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, Dana Brooke, Lacey Evans, Carmella

Winner- Asuka

Money in the Bank Ladder Match Cameos

  • Brother Love Appears in The Bathroom segment with Rey Mysterio.
  • Stephanie McMahon shouts at Dana Brook for bringing down the fake Money in the Bank briefcase and making a mess of the confrence room.
  • Paul Heyman is shown eating at the cafeteria. Otis smashes a food platter in his face to start a food fight.
  • Otis runs into Jon Laurinaitis on a scooter in the cafeteria. Otis hits him in the face with a pie.
  • Daniel Brayn and AJ Styles brawled their way into VInce McMahon’s office. He gets up from his desk and screams at them to get out.

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