Money in the Bank MITB 2019 Live Results & Updates

Welcome to the live results and updates blog of Money in the Bank 2019 event.

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money in the bank 2019

WWE has assembled a pretty loaded card with 11 matches. Out of those 7 are championship matches while 2 are the traditional Money in the Bank Ladder Matches. Other two are just Shane McMahon rivalries. We will start updating the blog as the Kick-off Show starts at 6 PM EST(10 PM GMT, 3:30 AM IST). Please keep refreshing the page for the latest updates.

Quick Results

  • The Usos defeated Daniel Bryan and Rowan in a non-title match
  • Bayley won the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match
  • Rey Mysterio defeated Samoa Joe to become the new United States Champion
  • Shane McMahon defeated the Miz in the steel cage match
  • Tony Nese defeated Ariya Daivari to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship
  • Becky Lynch defeated Lacey Evans to retain the RAW Women’s Championship
  • Charlotte Flair defeated Becky Lynch to become the new SmackDown Women’s Champion
  • Bayley cashed in the Money in the Bank Briefcase and defeated Charlotte Flair to become the new SmackDown Women’s Champion.
  • Roman Reigns defeated Elias
  • Seth Rollins defeated AJ Styles to retain the Universal Championship
  • Kofi Kingston defeated Kevin Owens to retain the WWE Championship
  • Brock Lesnar won the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Kick-Off Show

Jonathan Coachman and the team welcome us to the Kick-Off Show. The usual cast of Charlie Caruso, Sam Roberts and David Otunga are with him. They start to go through the lineup of matches. They start discussing how Braun Strowman was replaced by Sami Zayn in the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Shera Schrieber in a backstage interview with Becky Lynch. Schrieber also tells that Becky will first face Lacey Evans and Charlotte later. Becky tells us that Lacey and Charlotte had to work together to put her through the table. Individually they could not match her and could not live up to the pressure of a title match. She will take down both of them in one on one matches. Lacey Evans, in a backstage promo, trashes Becky and says that she will throw Becky in the trash, take the title off her, and will leave the pieces for Charlotte.

Shera Schrieber is with Kevin Owens now. He keeps calling her Renee Young and tells us that it is not about if he is going to become the champion but it is about how he is going to become the champion. He has nothing against Kofi Kingston. Only that he is the WWE Champion and he wants that championship.

Nikki Cross with a backstage promo before Beth Pheonix and Sonya Deville joins the presentation team to discuss the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Team asks Sonya whether Mandy Rose has the experience to win the match. Zelina Vega also comes in and start arguing with Sonya while also telling us that Andrade will win the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Daniel Bryan and Rowan(c) vs The Usos

The champions Bryan and Rowan enter first. The Usos enter next and start entertaining us. They call Bryan and Rowan Spongebob and Patrick.

Jimmy and Bryan start the match. Bryan starts with the headlock but Jey takes him down with a shoulder tackle. Jimmy is tagged in and hits some chops. Bryan tags in Rowan and he starts to work to Jey with a spinebuster. He hits a powerslam and tags in Bryan. Byran takes Jey in the corner. He thrashed his face into the turnbuckle and hits some chops. Jey tries to fight out but Bryan grabs his leg. Rowan is tagged back and puts Jey in another headlock. Bryan starts to work with a submission maneuver. He then hits a couple of running high kicks until Jey Samoan drops him. Jey sends Rowan to the ring post and tags in Jimmy.

Jimmy with a Superkick, uppercut, bigfoot and summersault on Rowan. He tried to follow a Pele kick with a crossbody splash but Rowan catches him and slams him to the floor. Rowan hits the double suplex on the Usos and tags in Bryan. Bryan hits a series of Yes! kicks until Jey hits a roundhouse kick and a superkick. Jey goes for the splash off the top only to run into the Yes Lock. Jimmy comes in to break the hold. Rowan also comes in but the Usos send him out and had to work together to take him down. They also hit the double superkicks on Bryan and then the double Uce to get the pin on Bryan.

Winners- The Usos

Main Show

The show starts with the memory of Ashley Massaro. The Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder match will kick-off the show.

Women Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Participants- Naomi vs Natalya vs Dana Brooke vs Nikki Cross vs Mandy Rose vs Bayley vs Ember Moon vs Carmella

Naomi gets an extended entry. She is donning a different ring attire. Carmella is followed by Nikki Cross who is at her maniacal best. Mandy Rose is flanked with Sonya Deville as she comes out. Ember Moon, Dana Brooke and Natalya follow before Bayley comes out last.

The brawl starts as the bell rings. Ember Moon runs out to grab a ladder while Nikki has trapped Brooke and Naomi in the apron cloth and is unloading on them. She also brings in the ladder and hits everyone with it. Brooke takes her down but Moon traps Brooke in between Ladder and turnbuckle. Nikki comes back and grabs Moon from behind only for Moon to thrash her in the ladder.

Mandy Rose gets a spot next before Natalya sends her to the ladder with a German suplex. She tries same to Naomi but she lands on her feet on the ladder. Things slow down a bit as more ladders are brought into the ring. Naomi takes out several women at once. Carmella is checked by the doctors at the ringside for a knee injury. Mella is helped to the back and is shown walking with a serious limp. Naomi hits a moonsault to Bayley on top of a ladder. Dana ends up hanging from the briefcase at one point.

Bayley tried to set-up the ladder but Natalya and Rose thrash the ladder onto her. Moon hits a lung buster on Natalya and Nikki hits a spinning neckbreaker on Moon. Brooke throws the ladder at Nikki next. Brooke and Rose fight at the top of the ladder for some time before Cross, Naomi and Bayley join them. Natalya pushes the ladder with everyone still on it. Moon hits a blockbuster on Natalya off the top of the ladder. Rose comes in to hit Moon with a suplex. She was going up the ladder as she saw Carmella coming back down the ramp.

Rose goes down where Carmella gets the better of her. Sonya Deville takes her down and incredibly takes Mandy Rose to the top of the ladder in a fireman’s carry. As they reach the top, Bayley comes up and pushes both of them. She then takes down the briefcase to win the match.

Winner of the match and Money in the Bank Briefcase- Bayley

Charly Caruso interviews Bayley in the ring after the match. Bayley says she is proud of what she and Banks accomplished but she came to SmackDown to prove a point, to remind everyone what she’s capable of and she has proved that she is not just Bayley, but she is Ms. Money In the Bank. She goes back to celebrating as her music hits.

Triple H is on the phone backstage when Sami comes in. Sami tells Triple H that they have a big problem in Strowman. Triple H shuts him up and says Braun has been banned from the building. Sami still wants some protection but Triple H tells him to go put his fists up.

Samoa Joe(c) vs Rey Mysterio – WWE United States Championship

Mysterio starts with some punches on Joe but Joe overpowers him easily. Rey hits a seated senton but Joe hits a huge chop to take down Rey. As Joe goes for the powerbomb, Rey transitions it into the sunset flip powerbomb and then to a pin to get the win.

Winner and the new United States Champion- Rey Mysterio

As we see the replay, it becomes clear that Joe’s shoulders were not down at all. Dominic comes out to celebrate with his father. They were going back up the ramp when Joe comes back to attack Rey. He takes him to the ring and hits multiple slams as Dominic pleads him to stop. Joe invites Dominic inside the ring but he resists. After Joe returns backstage, Dominic comes into the ring and accompanies Rey to backstage.

We see Braun Strowman going on a backstage rampage, looking for Sami Zayn.

The Miz vs Shane McMahon – Steel Cage Match

Shane tries to run out of the cage as the match starts. Miz grabs his leg and takes him down to the mat. Shane escapes and tries to get out of the cage again until Miz starts raining in the kicks on him. Miz continues to hit sidekicks until Shane picks him up and thrashes him into the cage walls. Shane rains in some punches before going for a pin. He only gets two and starts working Miz. He tosses Miz to the steel walls before hitting the Samoan drop.

Miz fights him out and locks in the figure four leg lock. Shane asks for the door to be opened as he was still in the leg lock. He reaches the door but Miz takes him back. Shane again tries to escape through the door and grabs a chair. Miz superkicks him and then hits multiple chair shots on his back. After 10-12 chair shots, Miz hits the Skull crushing finale on the chair but as Shane reaches the ropes to avoid being pinned.

Miz tries to hit his finisher off the top turnbuckle but Shane tosses him aside. Shane tries to escape the cage when Miz hits a chair on his legs. Both Miz and Shane reaches the top of the cage. Miz slams his face into the cage and tosses him onto the mat from the top of the cage. He gets a nearfall after a frog splash. Shane locks him into the triangle choke out of the nowhere. Miz tries to go for the Alabama Slam but Shane grabs the cage walls to reach the top. Miz catches him and tries to go for the Superplex from there. He could only hold onto Miz’s t-shirt as he slips away and lands on the floor outside to win the match.

Winner- Shane McMahon

Triple H is running to somewhere backstage. As he set aside curtains, we see Sami Zayn hanged upside down. Hunter asks the cameras to go away as he tries to take the situation under control.

Tony Nese(c) vs Ariya Daivari – WWE Cruiserweight Championship

They lock up and Daivari forces Nese to the corner. He unloads with a few stiff right hands. Nese counters an Irish whip and hits a flurry of kicks. Ariya hits a jawbreaker before Nese hangs him up on the top rope. Daivari rakes Nese’s eyes on the top rope to take control. Nese hits a moonsault for two. They trade strikes in the middle of the ring before Daivari hits a reverse DDT for another near fall. Nese eats a roundhouse in the corner. Daivari puts him on the top turnbuckle and pummels him until he falls down to the floor.

Nese cartwheels off of the apron and hits a superkick. Daivari brings him down from the top turnbuckle. Nese throws him out of the ring and backflips over the top rope to take him down. He heads up and hits a 450 splash for a close two count. Daivari hits a superkick and a frog splash before he nails the Hammerlock Lariat for yet another near fall. Nese hits a top rope hurricanrana and a running knee for the pin and the win.

Winner- Tony Nese with a pinfall

Triple H catches up with Braun Strowman backstage. Triple H gets what Braun’s doing but he’s not going to be taking Sami’s spot in the MITB Ladder Match. Braun says he doesn’t know what Triple H is talking about. Triple H isn’t buying it but Braun insists. Triple H says he’s not going to have Braun removed from the building but he will ask him as a professional, as Braun’s boss, to leave. Fans in the arena boo. Braun walks off.

Becky Lynch(c) vs Lacey Evans – WWE RAW Women’s Championship

Becky starts with a dropkick right away and unloads on her in the corner. She slams her on the floor but Lacey escapes to the outside. Lacey gets a shot but Becky sends her to the barricades with an Irish whip. Back in the ring, Lacey slams Becky’s face into the turnbuckle. She stomps on Becky’s arm multiple times and continues to work on it. Lacey avoids a back body drop and hits a huge punch on the back of the head. She hits a springboard splash to get two. Lacey then tries to locks in a stretch but Becky hits an armdrag.

Lacey stops the rally and brings out her handkerchief. She shoves it to Becky’s face until Becky decks her. Clothesline from the middle turnbuckle follows up with multiple flying moves. Becky continues with a dropkick off the top and sends Lacey outside. She again goes to the top but Lacey avoids the move and hits a springboard neckbreaker. A knee to the face follows to get nearfall. Becky locks in the Dis-Arm-Her but they were near the ropes. Lacey hits her in the knees rolls her up but shoulders were not down. Becky transitions it to the Dis-Arm-Her again and gets the submission immediately.

Winner- Becky Lynch with a submission

As Becky was leaving, Charlotte Flair’s music hits and she comes out. She tells Becky to get back into the ring for their match right away.

Becky Lynch(c) vs Charlotte Flair – WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship

Charlotte pushes Becky to the corner and hits several shoulder blocks. Lynch hits back with some forearms and uppercuts, but Flair quickly drops her with a big boot. She sends Charlotte flying from the top rope to the mat with a throw. She rolls The Queen up for two. Charlotte now has Becky in the Boston Crab and somehow Becky reaches the ropes. Becky hits an elbow as Charlotte charges at her. They trade strikes until Charlotte kicks Becky in the knees.

Becky hits a shoulder tackle as both women are down. Becky gets up and starts unloading with elbow strikes. She tries to lock in the Dis-Arm-Her but Charlotte avoids it and clotheslines Becky. Charlotte goes for the natural selection at the apron but Becky avoids it. Charlotte is laying outside the ring as the referee starts counting. Lacey Evans runs down to the ringside and hits the Woman’s right on Becky. Charlotte comes into the ring and Becky rolls her up for a nearfall. Charlotte then nails a boot to the face to get the pin and the win.

Winner and the new SmackDown Women’s Champion- Charlotte Flair

Charlotte mocks Becky by showing her the SD title belt. Becky slips out of the ring and goes after Evans, but Charlotte and Lacey work together to take her down. The crowd chants for Bayley to come out. Bayley’s music hits and she runs down to the ring with the briefcase. She takes down Evans and Charlotte, but Charlotte recovers and levels her with a forearm. Bayley sends Charlotte into the turnbuckle. She looks back at her briefcase for a while before handing it to the referee for a cash-in.

Charlotte Flair(c) vs Bayley – SmackDown Women’s Championship

Bayley climbs up and hits a elbow drop for the pin and the win.

Winner and the new SmackDown Women’s Champion- Bayley

Elias attacks Roman Reigns backstage with his acoustic guitar before he proceeds towards the ring. He grabs an electric guitar and plays a song in the ring. Elias actually gets through an entire song for once. He tries to leave before Reigns runs out and nails him with a Superman Punch.

Elias vs Roman Reigns

Roman rolls Elias into the ring and the bell rings. Roman drills him with a Spear for the win.

Winner- Roman Reigns with a pinfall

Seth Rollins(c) vs AJ Styles – WWE Universal Championship

They immediately lock up and AJ backs Seth to the corner before a semi-clean break. AJ takes him down with a popup headscissor as they exchange counters. He takes him down again with an arm drag before Rollins nails a hard clothesline to take control. Styles nails a dropkick to start a back and forth period. Seth sends Styles’ head into the middle turnbuckle. Rollins manages to avoid a Styles Clash from the apron, but AJ still takes him down with a sliding knee.

The Beastslayer recovers and hits a suicide dive that sends both men into the announce table. He hits a second before bringing AJ back into the ring. He takes Styles down with a sling blade and a springboard clothesline for two. They trade near falls with a series of pinning combinations. Rollins hits a bucklebomb and a frog splash for a close two count. He puts Styles on the top turnbuckle and climbs up with him. Styles knocks him down but Seth runs right back up. AJ slips through his legs and hits a German suplex.

Styles puts him in a torture rack and hits a spinning powerbomb for two. Rollins trips Styles to avoid the Phenomenal Forearm. Seth hits a reverse superplex and rolls through to hit another slam for a near fall. Seth manages to escape the Calf Crusher but AJ hits a backflip DDT for yet another close two count. Rollins nails a superkick and dodges the Pele Kick. AJ counters the Stomp and hits the Styles Clash but could only get a nearfall. Seth counters the Phenomenal Forearm and hits the Stomp. He makes the cover and scores the pin to retain his title.

Winner- Seth Rollins with a pinfall

After the match, Rollins takes the title and recovers as we go to replays. AJ exits the ring as Rollins stands tall and has his arm raised as the music plays. Rollins raises the title from the corner and looks on as AJ makes his exit. AJ returns to the ring and Rollins comes down from the top to meet him in the middle. They stare each other down. Rollins raises the title in AJ’s face and shakes his head. AJ offers his hand for a shake as some fans cheer, others boo. Rollins thinks about it and finally shakes. AJ exits the ring as his music hits. Rollins drops the title in the middle of the ring and looks on.

Charly Caruso is backstage with Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston. Woods mentions how he will respect Kofi’s wishes and stay in the back for tonight’s match. Kofi goes on and says tonight is not about just making a statement, it’s about making a helluva statement and to show Kevin Owens, and whoever else thinks they can use The New Day to get to the WWE Title, that they can’t.

The Lucha House Party’s Kalisto, Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik come out to the the ring for their match. They take the mic for a brief promo before Lars Sullivan comes out. Metalik hits a dive on Lars on the floor but Lars catches him to slam him with the Freak Accident on the floor. Lince flies out next but Lars catches him also, then tosses him to the floor. Lars stares down Kalisto now. Kalisto starts fighting as Lars enters the ring. Lars headbutts Kalisto but he starts to bleed himself from his forehead. A bloody Lars keeps up the attack and hits the big running powerbomb. Lars heads to the back with blood still running down his face.

Kofi Kingston(c) vs Kevin Owens – WWE Championship

KO enters first and is shouting, asking for Kofi to come out. As Kofi enters and the bell rings, both starts unloading with punches. But KO takes Kofi to the corner briefly before sending him out. Kofi hits the flying clothesline off the steel steps. KO hits the shoulder block to crash Kofi’s back at the apron before Kofi counters to send him to barricades. Kofi hits a moonsault plancha before taking KO inside the ring.

KO decks Kofi in the back and starts working him. He tries to start the New Day Rock chant to mock Kofi before hitting a Swanton bomb on the back. Kofi hits some punches but KO hits a knee to counter a shoulder tackle. KO also sends him to the ring post and hits a splash off the apron. He takes Kofi back to the ring to get a nearfall. He hits some chops and then unloads with punches on the back. Kofi comes back with some punches of his own but KO grabs him and tries to go for the Boston Crab. As Kofi prevents it, he tries to send Kofi to the turnbuckle but Kofi again lands on his feet.

Kofi rallies with quick moves- punches, flying clothesline, dropkick and boom drop before KO gets him in the Boston Crab. Kofi reaches the ropes to break the hold. Both men end up on the apron where after trading strikes, Kofi hits the double knee stomp. As Kofi goes for the corkscrew splash, KO nails him with a superkick. Back in the ring, Kofi avoids pop-up Powerbomb, KO avoids trouble in paradise and Kofi avoids stunner before hitting SOS to get a nearfall. KO again manages to put Kofi in the Boston Crab and again Kofi breaks the hold by reaching the ropes.

Kofi avoids the superkick and unloads with punches on the back off the head. KO counters to hit the pop-up powerbomb to get two. Kofi avoids the stunner and hits the trouble in paradise to send KO to the outside. As Kofi brings him back, KO hits the stunner but Kofi grabs the rope to break the pin. KO throws Kofi’s shoes and goes for the Swanton bomb. Kofi gets his knees up to counter and hits the trouble in paradise to get the pin and the win.

Winner- Kofi Kingston with a pinfall

Xavier Woods come out after the match to celebrate with Kofi.

Men Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Participants- Drew McIntyre vs Sami Zayn vs Baron Corbin vs Ricochet vs Finn Balor vs Randy Orton vs Andrade vs Ali

Baron Corbin enters first and gets his customized announcement. Finn Balor and Ricochet follow him. Andrade comes out flanked by Zelina Vega but Vega turns back from the entrance. Ali is next to come out followed by Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton. Sami Zayn is reported to be sent to the hospital due to the treatment given to him by Braun Strowman.

Chaos ensues as soon as the bell rings. Orton wisely rolls out of the ring while everyone else starts fighting. Ricochet and Balor clear the ring. Orton crashes Ali, Balor and Ricochet to the announce table with a side suplex. As Orton tries to climb the ladder, Andrade dropkicks him off. He hits the spinning back elbow on Orton and set ups the ladder. McIntyre and Corbin bring their own ladders and strikes other men with it. Ali hits Drew with a Suicide Dive on the floor. Ricochet also throws Andrade out to the floor. Ali and Ricochet start to fight in the ring.

Corbin throws Ali into the ladder and McIntyre does the same to Ricochet! Randy Orton hits the DDT on Corbin and goes for the RKO but is hit with a Claymore! Balor climbs up the ladder but Andrade knocks Balor off using another ladder like a spear. Balor and Andrade battle at the top of the ladder. There is a ladder horizontally set up and Andrade hits a sunset flip powerbomb on Balor, crashing him into the ladder. Ali and Ricochet start battling and Ali hits the hurricanrana. Ali and Andrade are now at the top of ladders from where Ali hits a Spanish fly on Andrade. But Ali looks more trouble with it.

McIntyre tries to slam Ali into the ladder but Ali counters. Corbin hits a chokeslam on Ali at the announce table. He throws McIntyre into the crowd and goes back into the ring to stop Balor from making the climb. He hits a chokeslam on Balor on the ladder and deep six on Ricochet on the floor. McIntyre levels him with the Claymore Kick. McIntyre goes to the ring and Balor slams him onto the ladder. McIntyre hits the reverse Alabama slam on Andrade on top of Balor. McIntyre also slams Ricochet onto the ladder. As McIntyre was making the climb, Randy Orton hits RKO on him. Corbin comes in and sends Orton through the ring post.

Ali fights off Corbin and reaches the top when Brock Lesnar’s music hit and he comes out running. He trips the ladder with Ali still on top. Lesnar sets up the ladder and grabs the briefcase. He is announced as the winner also. Apparently, he was the 8th participant of the match.

Winner the MITB Briefcase- Brock Lesnar

Lesnar sits on the top of the ladder as the camera rolls through each of the other 7 participants. Each is down on the floor after taking huge bumps. A shocking end to the show.

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