Why Mauro Ranallo Missed Survivor Series? Corey Graves!!

Mauro Ranallo Survivor Series

As per some rumors, NXT commentator Mauro Ranallo missed WWE Survivor Series 2019 PPV due to some tweets made by SmackDown color commentator and the host of WWE’s After the Bell audio podcast, Corey Graves.

Graves tweeted during NXT Takeover: WarGames event that Ranallo did not allow fellow commentators Beth Phoenix or Nigel McGuinness to talk enough. When another fan commented on the number of Chicago hip-hop references Mauro made during Takeover. Graves responded, “Far, far too many.”


“Just for the record guys, I know you wouldn’t know it, but there’s actually a WWE Hall of Famer AND a former Ring of Honor Champion on commentary. I’d imagine they have a lot to offer,” wrote Graves in his Twitter post.


Mauro Ranallo deleted his Twitter account on Sunday. Some reports are indicating that it was due to some tweets from Corey Graves. Mauro Ranallo missed WWE Survivor Series and Michael Cole filled in for him for the NXT World title match between Adam Cole and Pete Dunne. Cole attributed Ranallo’s absence to Ranallo’s passionate commentary at WarGames event which blew his voice out.

Dave Meltzer also commented on this issue during the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio. He reported that Ranallo has not quit WWE and is on fine terms with WWE. Meltzer also said that Ranallo will be back on commentary this Wednesday for NXT.

According to Meltzer, WWE was not happy with Graves, although he ended up on commentary later in the night. Meltzer said at another point in the show, “I don’t know what was said to Graves, other than ‘take it down’…”

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