Lucha Brothers Get AEW First Win, Challenge Young Bucks at All Out

Lucha Brothers(Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix) defeated SCU(Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian) at Fight for the Fallen 2019 to get their first win at AEW. After the match, Lucha Brothers put out the Ladder Match Challenge to the Young Bucks for AEW ALL OUT show for AAA Tag Team Championship.

Lucha Bros Fight For The Fallen 2019
Lucha Bros Fight For The Fallen 2019

Match Description

Fenix takes down Kazarian before Kazarian takes him out with a shoulder tackle. Pentagon and Scorpio Sky are tagged in and the crowd gets behind them. Pentagon hits some quicks shots but a Lou Thesz Press by Sky takes Pentagon down. Pentagon and Fenix dive to the outside and take Daniels out of the equation. They hit him with Superkicks and then chop his chest. Daniels hits them with a Moonsault while the referee is not looking. The referee ejects Daniels from the match.

Sky and Kazarian hit a Wheelbarrow Powerbomb on Fenix. Sky hits the Spear into Fenix in the corner. They isolate Fenix in their corner. Fenix manages to gather energy and hits Kazarian with an Enzuigiri. He gets the tag to Pentagon after a kick. The Luchas work together and hit strikes on Kazarian and then hang up Sky in the tree of woe.

Lucha Brothers hit a Money Flip Senton on them both and hit a Double Foot Stomp on Sky for the near fall. Kazarian drops Fenix with a Guillotine Leg Drop. He then hits Pentagon with a Backstabber. A double Stomp on Pentagon by SCU. Fenix comes out of nowhere and hits a Rolling Cutter. Fenix throws Sky out and Pentagon hits the Ace Crusher on the apron. Kazarian tries a Brainbuster on Fenix, but he drops them.

Sky and Kazarian hit an Assisted DDT from the top rope on Fenix. Pentagon comes in and takes on both SCU members. Pentagon hits the Canadian Destroyer on Sky for a near fall. He then picks up Sky for the Footstomp Package PileDriver combination and Fenix does the honor for the Luchas to get the win.

Post-match, Daniels comes back in to help and ends up eating a ladder from the Lucha Brothers. They smack Kazarian with it as well. The ladder is setup in the middle of the ring and the brothers climb up. He takes the mic and gets the crowd to do a “Cero Miedo” chant. At the top, Pentagon says they are the best tag team on the planet. They put out a challenge for the Young Bucks for a ladder match in Chicago at All Out.

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