Fyter Fest 2019: Kenny Omega & Young Bucks Defeat Lucha Bros

The Elite, Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks(Matt and Nick Jackson) defeated the Lucha Bros and Loredo Kid in the six-man tag team match at Fyter Fest 2019

Kenny Omega & Yung Bucks AEW Fyter Fest 2019
Kenny Omega & Yung Bucks AEW Fyter Fest 2019

Match Description

Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks pay tribute to the Street Fighter game with their ring gear and entrances. Nick Jackson and Laredo Kid start the match and show off their ability to flip. Laredo Kid hits a kick to the face and then the two reverse each move of the other. All six men enter the ring to face off. Luchas take out The Elite with the tandem offences and dive to the outside to flatten the opponents. They hit a Superkick and Hurrincanrana Combination on Matt Jackson.

Nick sends Fenix out but Laredo Kid takes him out. He hits him with two Split Legged Springboard Moonsaults but Nick kicks out. Nick finally takes matters into his hands and rolls out both Lucha Brothers. Matt Jackson comes in and hits a Double Northern Lights Suplex on Lucha Brothers. Kenny Omega throws Lucha Brothers out and slaps Laredo Kid across the chest followed by an elbow strike. He hits him with a backbreaker to get a near-fall.

Laredo Kid reverses and hits a neckbreaker. He goes to the top rope and dives, but Kenny Omega hits him with a Dropkick. Kenny Omega goes for the dive, but Pentagon stops him. The two face off in the ring. Pentagon gets in the face of Kenny Omega. The two brawl in the middle of the ring and Pentagon gets the better of it with a slap to the chest of Kenny Omega.

Fenix hits the Enzuigiri on Omega and the Elite gain control as the Young Bucks come in and take control. They hit Laredo Kid with a series of moves, including the German Suplex. Omega hits the Kamikaze followed by the Moonsault. The Young Bucks hit him with an Elbow Drop and a Senton Atomico.

Laredo Kid reverses a move by Nick Jackson and hits Matt with a Hurricanrana which sends him into his brother in a Spear. Fenix hits Omega with a Hurricanrana on the outside and Laredo Kid hits the Tope Suicida on Nick Jackson. Pentagon hits the Double Stomp on Matt Jackson for a near fall. Matt Jackson gains momentum back and hits Pentagon with a Destroyer and then a Spear.

Omega comes in and takes out Laredo Kid and Fenix. He hits the Snap Dragon Suplexes on all three opponents. Pentagon hits him with a kick while Omega is on the top rope. Penta then launches Fenix into Nick Jackson. Laredo Kid almost got Omega, while Pentagon hits Matt Jackson with a Canadian Destroyer. The Elite stand tall as they get ready and try to hit their opponents with a triple Superkick. Instead, the Lucha Brothers and Laredo Kid hit it.

Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks stop the Lucha Brothers in their tracks with Triple Hadukens. Kenny Omega and Matt Jackson hang up their opponents as Nick Jackson hits a double 450 Splash, but Pentagon comes in and breaks up the pin. Omega hits the V-Trigger on Laredo Kid. Fenix hits the Cutter on Omega, and Nick Jackson hits the Cutter on Fenix.

The Young Bucks try a Swan Diving Meltzer Driver, but things go very wrong. Fenix hits the Spanish Fly with Nick to the outside. Kenny hits the Knee and then the Tiger Driver on Laredo Kid but he kicks out. Kenny finally hits Laredo Kid with the One-Winged Angel to get the win.

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