Fyter Fest 2019: Jon Moxley Wins Death Match, Kenny Omega Takes Revenge

Jon Moxley has won the non sanctioned death match against Joey Janela at Fyter Fest 2019 in a gruesome encounter. However, post-match, Kenny Omega came out and attacked Moxley take the revenge from Double or Nothing brawl.

Joh Moxley AEW Fyter Fest 2019
Joh Moxley AEW Fyter Fest 2019

Jon Moxley vs Joey Janela match was fixed just after Jon Moxley appeared at Double on Nothing. However, just two days before their Fyter Fest encounter, the match was changed to a non-sanctioned match due to the hostility shown by both the parties during the build-up.

The match was also hostile in nature and would put the WWE PG era extreme matches to shame. Tables, ladder, chairs, barbed wired chairs, barbed wired board, and other weapons, all were used during the match where Moxley came on top by hitting the Death Rider over the thumbtacks.

After the match, Kenny Omega ran in and hit Moxley with the V-Trigger to start a post-match beatdown. He also used the ringside environment to good effect. The show ended when he hit the double arm under hook DDT over a trash can. Moxley, however, was still smiling sadistically.

Match Description

They mock each other before the match. Janela pushes Moz to the ropes. Moxley comes back with some chops but Janela sends him outside the ring and hits the suicide dive. The action moves into the crowd. They trade some strikes before returning to the ringside. Janela sends Mox to the ring post before taking out the table and sets it up. He uses the prosthetic leg to hit Mox with it.

Moz also brings out a chair and body slams Janela on it. Janela hits some forearms and sets up Mox on the chair. As he goes for the 450 splash, Mox moves away. Mox takes out a barbed wire chair. He body slams Janela before slamming the chair on him. As he goes to the top, Janela hits an enziguri and tosses him to the barbed wire chair.

Janela sets up a table inside the ring now. But Moxley picks him up. As Janela avoids the move, Mox’ Russian leg sweep takes both of them through the table set up at the ringside. Back in the ring, Mox spears Janela through the table set up inside the ring. He sets more table at the ringside when Janela starts mocking him. Moxley rains in punches on him and brings out a barbed wire board. Janela turns the tables and sends Moxley through it.

Moxley recovers soon enough to turn Janela inside out with a clothesline. He tries to send Janela through the tables set up outside the ring but Janela superkicks him twice. Janela now brings out a ladder. They move out and Janela thrashes Mox’s face on the steel steps again and again. Mox is set up on the table and Janela hits the elbow drop on him from the top of the ladder.

Janela now sets up another barbed wire board on the barricade and apron. But he runs into a DDT before being send through the barbed wire board with an F5. Janela is brought back into the ring and is now rained by knee strikes on his face. Now, thumb tacks are brought out. Moxley removes Janela’s shoes and socks and drops him over the tacs.

Janela is screaming in pain but is not letting go off his attitude. He is still showing the middle finger to Mox which infuriates him more. Moz throws more tacks in the ring and hits the Death Rider on them to get the pin. Tacs are stuck on Moxley back and all over Janela. It was a gruesome match.

And this time it’s Kenny Omega’s turn for the post-match beatdown to take revenge for Double or Nothing. He runs in to hit the V-Trigger and then stomps on Moxley with him under the table. He beats him near the ramp before hitting him with a guitar on the back. Omega is sent back and Moxley is helped out by the referees to return. He throws away the referees and Omega returns with a trash can. Omega hits him with the can and then hits a Double Arm DDT on the can. The show ends with Moxley still smiling sadistically.

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