Clash at the Castle: Gunther Retained IC Title in a Brutal Match

Gunther at clash at the castle 2022
Credit – WWE

Sheamus and Gunther went through a war at WWE Clash at the Castle 2022, but in the end, Gunther managed to come out with a victory. 

It was one of the hardest-hitting matches that started with utter chaos. The Imperium got into a brawl against Butch and Ridge Holland before the match even got started. 

The official match started with a back-and-forth action between Gunther and Sheamus. Sheamus was going for the 10 beats but Gunther managed to avoid it. 

Both the fighters managed to counter their best moves. Sheamus even brought back his old signature move but it wasn’t enough to put Gunther away. 

In the ending moments, Sheamus’ back gave up on him, and then Gunther hit him with a powerbomb followed by a devastating lariat to get the pinfall. 

Gunther crushed Sheamus’ dream of becoming a Grand Slam champion and continues to be one the most dominant superstars of the blue brand. 

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