Characters from Firefly Fun House Make Backstage Appearance on RAW

After a couple of spooky videos, 8 different episodes and one teaser over the last 11 weeks, the character from Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House have started making their presence felt backstage on RAW this week.

Firefly Fun House Characters on RAW 24 June 2019
Firefly Fun House Characters on RAW 24 June 2019

As the Miz was making his way to the ring, Abby poked her head around the corner in the backstage alley. It was a blink and miss appearance and not much attention were drawn to it. However, WWE shared the screenshot on Twitter to confirm that the placement was intentional. In another scene, Mercy The Buzzard was seen stalking Kofi Kingston as he was preparing for his entrance.

Mercy the Buzzard debut in a video segment on the RAW after Mania episode which ended with Bray Wyatt’s laugh in the background. Next week after that, Abby the witch was shown on the rocking chair. A week after that, the Firefly Fun House segments started airing on a weekly basis. The break came in a week between episodes 4 and 5 where just some random clips were shown.

The segments have become quite popular and have been the high point of WWE TV programs on a weekly basis along with 24/7 segments. They have also helped to increase the popularity of Bray Wyatt and his return is anxiously awaited.

The complete 8 batches of episodes have already aired by last week and now the waiting starts for Bray Wyatt to appear on RAW or SmackDown in person. Bray Wyatt was reportedly backstage last week on Raw and Sunday night at WWE Stomping Grounds but did not make an appearance.

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