Fastlane 2019: Styles, Orton, Elias, Evans had major spots

AJ Styles Phenomenal Forearm on Randy Orton at Fastlane 2019

Despite not working any matches at the Fastlane 2019 event, all four of Elias, Lacy Evans, Randy Orton and AJ Styles worked some major spots in the show.

Elias was the one with most screentime of them all with 3 different segments where he took shots while insulting the crowd, Ohio, the Miz, Kofi, Becky and anyone he could think of. In his last segment, he was thankful that no one disturbed his performances at all during the night and that is how it should work.

But Lacy Evans had other ideas as she came out for the ramp walk that is associated with her now for the last few weeks. As Elias was distracted, Randy Orton got the opportunity to show his presence in a PPV event as he hit an RKO out of nowhere on Elias. AJ Styles was not going just let his recent rival take all the spotlight and decided to hit his own phenomenal forearm on Orton and followed it by getting a huge reception from the crowd.

While the other storylines are progressing in an explosive manner with major twists and turns, Styles vs Orton WrestleMania match is showing a different way to buildup a match. This rivalry is progressing in a slow and steady manner but is equally engrossing as the other ones.

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