Elimination Chamber 2019: Sasha and Bayley wins the inaugural Women’s Tag Team Title

The Boss-n-Hug Connection- Sasha Banks and Bayley have won the inaugural Women’s tag team championship in the Elimination Chamber match at the Elimination Chamber 2019 event. Primed to win the title from the start, the Hug-n-Boss Connection faced the challenge from the teams of Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, the Riott Squad Duo of Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan, The IIconics duo- Billie Key and Peyton Royce, Naomi and Carmella and Nia Jax and Tamina.

Sasha and Bayley wins the inaugural Women's Tag Team Title
Sasha and Bayley wins the inaugural Women’s Tag Team Title

Sasha and Bayley started the match with Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. The match started evenly as both teams were able to hit some moves over others. The Riott Squad came entered at third, the IIconics at fourth and Naomi and Carmella at fifth, all dominated early on. In a great sequence midway of the match, all the 10 stars present in the ring hit big moves one after the other. The story angle of Mandy and Naomi again came in the match when Naomi confronted Mandy to hit her with the springboard Rear View but the IIconics swooped in with a combination sunset flip and jackknife pin on Naomi to get the pin and eliminate her and Carmella.

Nia and Tamina entered at sixth to clear the house again and they went on to hit a simultaneous Samoan drop on the IIconics duo and pin them for elimination. As Sarah Logan was trying to go for the Stereo Splash, Nia picked her up and hit the Avalanche Samoan Drop to eliminate the Riott Squad. Bayley, at the ringside, sidestepped Nia to send her through the plexiglass chamber and all four of Sasha, Mandy, Sonya and Bayley combined to pin Tamina to eliminate Tamina and Nia.

The two teams then battled it out with both of them kicking out from finishers. As Mandy tried to go for Wheelbarrow on Sasha, she slipped out of it and the spear from Sonya hit Mandy accidentally. Sasha then locked Sonya with an arm-and-leg version of the Bank Statement crossface to get the submission from her.

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Boss and Hug were interviewed post-match where Sasha said, “Nobody knows how hard we fought for these, and we don’t just do this for ourselves or fans, but for the whole women’s division, and this is just the beginning of the changes to come, and we are going to continue to do what we do best, and that’s why we are the Boss and Hug Connection, your new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.”

The new champions are expected to show up on both RAW and SmackDown episodes as they start their reign. Now the question remains on their opponents for the Wrestle Mania.

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