Edge Makes Seth Rollins Tap Out To Earn The Victory At SummerSlam

Edge summeeslam 2021
Credit: Twitter

Rated R Superstar Edge defeated The Architect Seth Rollins in the best match of SummerSlam 2021 PPV so far.

Edge started off things by reviving his classic Brood’s entrance from the early 2000s. This entrance was enough to make the fans hype for this match that delivered in every single aspect.

Edge brought back his old Brood persona and gave a Blood Bath to Rollins in last night’s episode of SmackDown. Not only did Edge bring back his old character and entrance but he did old-school wrestling moves in the match as well.

Edge Vs. Seth Rollins was certainly the best match of this night so far. Seth Rollins made several attempts to end Edge’s career by delivering him a stomp, but the Rated R Superstar managed to counter it every single time.

There were a lot of near falls and jaw-dropping moments in the match, but in the end, Edge came out with victory by making Seth Rollins tap out using a crossface.

The feud between Seth Rollins and Edge ignited when the former cost Edge the Universal Championship match at Money In The Bank PPV. Seth Rollins wanted the opportunity to face the champion but Edge got it instead of him. Therefore, the Messiah cost him the match. But now Edge settled his score by defeating Seth Rollins at the biggest party of the Summer.