Fight for the Fallen 2019: Chris Jericho Attacks Adam Page

Chris Jericho made his advertised appearance at Fight for the Fallen 2019 show and attacked Adam “Hangman” Page after he had successfully defeated Kip Sabian in a singles match. Jericho and Page will face off at ALL OUT on 31 August in the first ever AEW World Championship Match.

Adam "Hangman" Page Fight For Fallen 2019
Adam “Hangman” Page Fight For Fallen 2019

They size each other up before Page was able to avoid an arm drag. He twists the arm which starts a chain of counters. After the stalemate, Page puts Sabian in a headlock. Sabian hits an arm drag and they once again counter each other as they try to go for the headlock. Page runs off the rope and takes Sabian down with a shoulder tackle. They start trading chops, then punches, then forearms until Page hits an elbow.

Page with a couple of more strikes before he hits a Fallaway Slam and sends him out with a lariat. Page is selling his knee. He goes out to take Sabian back but Sabian hits a springboard kick. Page catches him during the suicide dive with an elbow. Page drops Sabian in the middle of the ring. Sabian now starts to get some offense going. He sends Page to the apron and hits a kick to send him to the barricade. He hits a suicide dive and they return to the ring for Page to eat a flying clothesline to get two-count.

Sabian follows it with running kick to get another two-count. Sabian has put Page under arm stretch. Page comes out of it. Sabian hits a Double Footstomp on Page. Page hits the belly to belly suplex, sending Sabian to the turnbuckle and both men are down. Adam Page and Kip Sabian get to their feet in the center of the ring and Page’s knee is targetted by him. Page hits him with the Kamikaze and the Standing Shooting Star Press for the near fall.

Sabian takes down Page with a kick to the chest. He hits him again and Page urges him on. Sabian stomps on the knee of the Page and then hits a knee for a near fall. Adam Page stikes Sabian in the middle of the ring, but Sabian hits a Hammer Shot. Page takes Sabian out of the game with an Inside Out Lariat. Sabian hits Page with the headbutt and drops him from the top rope. Page avoids his dive and backdrops him on the ring apron.

Page hits a Diving Moonsault on Sabian but it looks like his knee is hurt. Sabian was looking like he was in control, but Adam Page hits him with a Buckle Bomb, throwing him from the ring to the ramp. Page goes to the top rope with Sabian and hits a huge Swinging Neckbreaker from the top rope for the near-fall. Page tries to throw Sabian out of the ring, but he hangs on to Page’s leg. He hits the Dragon Screw on Page and then drags himself up to the apron. He then goes for and hits the Hurricanrana and hooks him. Both men reverse each other’s pin attempts, but then Page stands up and hits the Dead Eye. The match ends at 19 minutes and 3 seconds.

Post-match, one of The Dark Order’s creeper is in the ring. He begins beating Page and hits a codebreaker. When he removes his mask, we get to see it is Chris Jericho. He hits the Judas effect and Page is busted open now. Referees come out and try to stop Jericho. Crowd with a “Thank you, Jericho” chant and he flips them off.

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