Aleister Black Opponent At Extreme Rules 2019 Will Be Cesaro

Aleister Black’s Opponent for the WWE Extreme Rules 2019 has been revealed and it will be Cesaro who will lock up with him at the Philadelphia PPV.

Aleister Black vs Cesaro Extreme Rules 2019
Aleister Black vs Cesaro Extreme Rules 2019

The former NXT Champion Aleister Black has been asking for competition in his promos for quite some time now. He was demanding that someone, anyone step up and knock on his door to pick a fight with him. Nobody answered him until two weeks back when we heard a door knock in that segment.

But last week, Black revealed that when he answered the door, nobody was there. He proceeded to throw a challenge for that person to appear for a match at Extreme Rules. This week, SmackDown was advertising the reveal but nobody showed up initially during the split screen interview.

A bit later, a man in the suit showed up and was circling the chair. It turned out to be Cesaro will be Aleister Black’s mystery opponent at Extreme Rules after all. For some general build to the match, Cesaro told Black he is here to pick the fight and Black, in turn, promised to bring it to him at Extreme Rules.

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