List of Current UFC Referee in 2021-2022 & salaries

Check out the list of currently active UFC referees and their salaries per match and yearly contracts.

ufc REFEREE 2021

UFC Referees Salary 2021-2022

A referee is an important part of a UFC/MMA bout. UFC does not directly employ referees. Instead, Nevada State Athletic Commission(NSAC) provides the referees to different promotions.

As per the definition from NSAC, a referee takes up a lot of responsibilities during the match. He determines when to start or stop the match, tells both fighters about the rules of the bout, determines fouls- both accidental and intentional, and whether a fighter could continue in the match anymore.

With these many roles and responsibilities, how much does a UFC/MMA referee make per fight? Both per match fees and PPV fees for referees depend on their experience and expertise level. Professional referees generally get from $1000 to $2500 per fight for non-PPV matches while they get anywhere from $5000 to $15000 per fight for Pay Per Views. Entry Level Referees generally do not get called up to UFC. But they get $250 to $500 per match in other promotions. Female Referees get $1000 onwards per fight in non-PPV events and $3500 onwards for PPV events.

Per Match FeesPay-per-view FeesYearly Earnings
Professional Referee$700 to $2,500$5,000 to $15,000$250,000 to $550,000
Entry Level Referees$250 to $500N/A$15,000 to $30,000
Female Referees$1000$3,500 $60,000

Current UFC Referees(Active)

As noted above, the Athletic Commission picks the referees for UFC. However, there are a few referees who have been regular in UFC in the last few years. Below is the list of approximate salaries for currently active UFC Referees.

*These are estimated numbers. Original figures may vary.

Herb-Dean UFC RefereeHerb Dean2004/04/02$550,000PPV Match: $15,000
Per Match: $1000
Twitter: @HerbDeanMMA
Instagram: @herbdeanmma
Jason Herzog UFC RefereeJason Herzog 2009/10/24$320,000PPV Match: $7,000
Per Match: $700
Twitter: @JasonHerzogMMA
Instagram: @JasonHerzogMMA
Mark-Smith UFC RefereeMark SmithJan 2015$270,000PPV Match: $5,000
Per Match: $700
Chris Tognoni12/4/10$270,000PPV Match: $5,000
Per Match: $700
Marc-Goddard UFC RefereeMarc GoddardN/A
PPV Match: $5,000
Per Match: $700
Dan-Miragliotta UFC Referee
Dan Miragliotta 
2007/11/17$30,000PPV Match: N/A
Per Match: $500
Keith PetersonN/A $30,000 PPV Match: N/A
Per Match: $500

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