WWE SmackDown Results May 31, 2024, Live Updates, Winners

Cody Rhodes WWE SmackDown

Welcome to the live results blog for WWE SmackDown May 31, 2024 episode. The show is set to be the 1293rd episode of the blue brand and will continue the build-up towards Clash at the Castle PLE.

Cody is expected to know what is next in his title reign as the Undisputed WWE Champion. Queen of the Ring Nia Jax gets coronated on the show. Bayley’s fued with Chelsea Green and Piper Niven is also expected to continue. Tune in below for the results and live updates from WWE SmackDown May 31, 2024 episode.


The show opens with Solo Sikoa and the rest of The Bloodline entering the arena. We see The Street Profits also entering the arena earlier today.

We cut to a recap of King & Queen of the Ring.

Queen Nia

SmackDown Manager Nick Aldis is in the ring. He brings out Queen of the Ring 2024 winner Nia Jax and coronates her in the ring. Aldis leaves and Nia starts to cut a promo amid heavy boos. Nia demads Bayley to come out as she will dethrone her at SummerSlam. Bayley comes out to the stage as her music hits. Piper Niven attacks Bayley from behind and beats her down the ramp. She hits a sliding crossbody after bringing her to the ring. Chelsea Green takes the mic and tells Nia that she does not have to worry about Bayley as she will not be the champion by the time SummerSlam comes around, and it would be Piper who will be the champion. Nia replies that she does not care who is the champion, but she will get annhillated.

Nick Aldis reaches his office where AJ Styles is waiting for him. AJ is wearing a suit. He asks Aldis for some time tonight in the ring to talk about something. Aldis says he will get him time, but asks what is it about. AJ replies that it will be hard for him to talk about it once, and does not want to do it twice.

Bayley is checked for a back injury in the medical room when Naomi walks in to check on her. She offers to be her tag team partner in a match vs Piper Niven and Chelsea Green. Bayley is glad.

Tommaso Ciampa vs Austin Theory

Ciampa starts by raining down rights on Theory but Grayson Waller quickly came to the apron for a distraction. After Waller eats a big shot, Theory capitalized on the interruption to hit a shoulder breaker. He shuts down Ciampa’s comeback attempt and hits a neckbreaker on the apron to take us to a break.

Ciampa creates some momentum after the break. Theory blocked a pedigree before hitting multiple flatliners. Ciampa blocks A-Town Down. After they drop each other with big boot at the same time, Ciampa hit a jumping knee. Theory rolls to the floor. Waller checks on him before he gets into an argument with Wade Barrett on the commentary desk. Waller claims that he has re-ignited Theory’s career by teaming up with him. Ciampa catches Theory with a roll-up to get the win. Tommaso Ciampa defeated Austin Theory.

Nick Aldis is with Blair Davenport backstage when Naomi comes in asking for a tag team match against Chelsea Green & Piper Niven. Davenport and Naomi get into an argument. Aldis cools things down by interrupting them and booking Naomi & Bayley vs Chelsea Green & Piper Niven for tonight.

LA Knight comes to meet Nick Aldis and asks him about Logan Paul.

After the break, Kayla Braxton interviews LA Knight backstage. Knight first says he will not talk about Logan Paul since he is not here. He then changes the tune and says he will take away the title from Paul.

Andrade vs Apollo Crews

Crews lands an elbow to start but Andrade quickly hits a dropkick and a suplex. Angel comes out and offers Andrade to join Legado Del Fantasma. Crews takes advantage of the distraction to hit Andrade with a moonsault.

Post-break, Andrade has the momentum and hits Meteora. Crews hits back with enzuigiri, a gorilla press and a standing moonsault. Angel then comes up on the apron to distract Crews. Andrade hits his signature back elbow and hammerlock DDT to get the pinfall. Andrade defeated Apollo Crews.

Post-match, Legado Del Fantasma comes out to the stage for Andrade. He goes past them without acknowledging them.

Paul Heyman goes to Solo Sikoa backstage. Heyman says this new version of The Bloodline are just performing acts of violence with no strategy. He asks Solo to think about taking the WWE Title from Cody Rhodes. Solo replies that they already have Rhodes in check and Cody does not know it yet. Heyman asks Sikoa who else is included in “they”. Sikoa tells Heyman to go and fix the situation with Kevin Owens.

Angel meets Andrade in the locker room and tells him that he embarrassed him. Apollo Crews attacks Angel from behind for interferring in his match against Andrade.

Paul Heyman Advises Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens comes out to the ring and talks about Randy Orton losing in the KOTR final via bogus pinfall. He then calls out The Bloodline. Paul Heyman comes out. Heyman says Roman Reigns respected KO as a wrestler but Solo Sikoa does not any respect for him. Heyman warns KO that Solo will do everything to take him out. Heyman says they did background checks on all the new members of the Bloodline previously and refused to bring them in as they are criminals, and that’s why they did not bring them in The Bloodline before.

Owens replies that he did respect Roman Reigns & The Usos for giving him hell for the past four years, but Solo is just trying to cause chaos. Heyman gets agitated at KO for not listening to his warnings. He accidentally tosses the microphone on KO. Solo Sikoa, Tama Tonga & Tonga Loa come out and down the ramp. Before they can attack, The Street Profits come out to stand with KO in the ring.

Guerrillas of Destiny(Tama Tonga & Tonga Loa) vs The Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins)

The Street Profits start the match strong against Tama Tonga with quick double team action. Ford goes to hit Loa with a knee on the apron but Tama knocks him from behind to take over control. GoD beat up Ford for a while in the corner. Dawkins gets a tag to hit flying elbow and splash on Tama. Loa gets a blind tag and knocks Dawkins to the floor to take us to a break.

After the break, Dawkins counters a suplex against Tama. Ford gets a hot tag as Loa comes in from the other side. Ford gets in his stride and hits levels both opponents. Dawkins recovers and tags in. Ford hits Loa with a clothesline while he is held up by Dawkins in an electric chair. Tama gets a blind tag and counters Ford’s splash with a flatliner to get the pinfall. Guerrillas of Destiny defeated The Street Profits.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Jade Cargill & Bianca Belair are backstage talking about Zoey Stark and Shayna Baszler’s callout. Indi Hartwell confronts them for injuring Candice LaRae’s knee. Bianca tells her that Candice targeted her first, and she just ended things. Jade tells Indi that she awaits the same fate next week. Indi goes away in fear.

Kayla Braxton catches up “Michin” Mia Yim to talk about AJ Styles. Nia Jax interrupts her as she brags about being Queen of The Ring. Yim gets into her. Jax tells Michin that she would regret that.

Chelsea Green & Piper Niven vs Bayley & Naomi

Bayley levels Chelsea to start the match. Piper quickly tags in and sends Bayley into the corner to hit a splash. Bayley counters Chelsea before bringing in Naomi. Quick tags between Naomi and Bayley to keep control over Chelsea for a while. Chelsea is sent to the floor and Naomi hits her with a suicide dive. Bayley dives off the apron to drop Piper on the floor to take us to a break.

After the break, Chelsea and Piper double team against Bayley. Bayley eats up more attack before rolling out of the way from Chelsea and tagging in Naomi. Naomi pummels Chelsea for a while. She dives on both opponent on the floor. Chelsea catches her with a kick on her way back to the ring. Bayley has to break the pin after this. Piper sends Bayley into the ring post on the floor. Naomi hit Chelsea with Rear View but Piper breaks the pin with a senton and then puts Chelsea on top of Naomi to get the pinfall. Chelsea Green & Piper Niven defeated Naomi & Bayley.

LA Knight cuts off AJ Styles backstage and shakes hands with him to show his respect. Styles moves forward and finds Cody Rhodes who does the same. AJ whispers something in Cody’s ears. AJ finds Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows near the Gorilla position and asks them to accompany him to the ring for one last time.

AJ Styles’ Retirement(Or Not)

AJ Styles enters the ring with The OC buddies Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Styles says that he was thinking a lot about what Nick Aldis told him last week. He reveals that he has decided to step away from the ring for good and be a phenomenal father at home than being the Phenomenal One in the ring. AJ hugs Anderson & Gallows in the ring. They also do Bullet club sign. AJ then calls out Cody Rhodes to come out to the ring, citing what he told him earlier in his ear.

Cody Rhodes comes out out. He complements and thanks AJ for being a big brother to the entire locker room and for being an inspirational figure. The fans cheer as Cody lifts AJ’s arm, taking him to every side of the ring. AJ suddenly catches Cody with a lariat before unloading with some ground and pound punches. Gallows & Anderson laugh at Cody from the ringside. They stop several referees and Nick Aldis from getting into the ring to stop AJ. AJ hits Cody with a Styles Clash from the ring steps to the floor to close the show.

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