WWE RAW October 10, 2022 Live Results- DX, Rollins v Lashley

WWE RAW October 10 2022
Image Credits- WWE

WWE RAW October 10, 2022 episode will be live from Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY, and we will be here with live results from the show.

It is being treated as a season premiere for the 2022-23 TV season and therefore, WWE is bringing in DX as a special attraction to spruce up the star power. D-Generation X will be celebrating their 25th anniversary as Triple H, Shawn Michaels, X-Pac and Road Dogg appear on RAW.

Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns will appear with his entourage. Does WWE has some special plans for him on the show? Roman’s stable mate Seth Rollins will challenge for United States Championship against Bobby Lashley. Rollins might be coming off a loss to Matt Riddle at Extreme Rules, it will be harmful for anyone to discount him to win the title here.

Johnny Gargano is announced to face his former protege Austin Theory. We might also see what will be Judgment Day’s next move after they took care of Edge. Will AJ Styles join them finally? What will Damage Control do next in their attempt to take over women’s division after RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair was able to retain her title against Bayley?

Tune in as we cover complete action from WWE Monday Night RAW October 10, 2022 episode with results, live updates, winners, highlights and videos.


  • Johnny Gargano defeated Austin Theory in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Rey Mysterio defeated Chad Gable in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Bayley defeated Candice LeRae in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Omos defeated Robert Adams & Josephy Torress in a 2-on-1 Handicapped Match via pinfall.
  • Seth Rollins defeated Bobby Lashley(c) in a singles match via pinfall to win WWE United States Championship.
  • Matt Riddle defeated Sami Zayn in a singles match via pinfall.

Live Updates

Shawn Michaels is talking to X-Pac and Road Dogg at the Gorilla Position and asks them if they are ready. Michaels then asks Triple H, who is sitting on the monitor, if he is ready. Triple H acts all corporate-like and tells them that there can be no swearing and foul language as he has sponsors here for season premiere. Michaels and others ask him if they can words like P—-s, c–ks, and swearing words. Hunter gets frustrated and asks them to keep it clean. We cut to RAW’s theme song.

Roman Reigns & The Bloodline!

Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick welcome us to the season premiere of RAW. Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns makes his entrance with unified WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos, Solo Sikoa, Sami Zayn and Paul Heyman. We see a recap of his face-to-face with Logan Paul and how Logan tried to sow seeds of doubts in the Bloodline.

He asks Brooklyn to acknowledge him, and they do it with a loud roar. Roman says he does not like to dwell on the past, but he could not get last Friday. He says if you are the loudest in the room, then you are the fool. Roman asks Jey Uso if he is a fool. Jey is frustrated, but Sami Zayn interrupts Roman before he could say anything more. Sami reminds Roman how he told Sami that Jey is his problem now, so, he wants to handle it. Roman gives his permission.

Sami starts talking to Jey like one talks to someone in an intervention. Sami says they have realized that Jey has not been Ucey for a while. Sami says everyone loves Jimmy and Solo as they are cool. He asks Jey if he can be cool. Jey gets mad and asks Roman if he is going to behave with his cousin like this. Sami once again tries to talk him down.

Matt Riddle interrupts them as he comes out to the stage. Riddle brings up his win over Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules, and wants to challenge for the Universal title once again. He agrees that he is not allowed to challenge for the title as per stipulation from their last match, but the crowd wants it. Roman says a stipulation is a stipulation and tells him to go stand back in the line. Riddle then asks anyone else to step up to him. Jey mocks Sami if he will step-up. Riddle mocks Sami and goads him into accepting to face him later tonight.

After the break, we get a recap of Extreme Rules with all the results.

Johnny Gargano vs Austin Theory

Austin Theory comes out with his MITB breifcase. Gargano follows him out. Theory tries to go for ATL right away as the bell rings. Gargano brings him down and unloads on him with punches. Gargano hits big chops after countering in the corner. Some stomps follow. Theory whips him to a corner but Gargano gets his boots up. Gargano hits a hurricanrana before some more punches. Gargano goes for DDT on the apron but Theory counters it with a suplex there. We cut to a break.

Both men are down as we return. Gargano hits a crossbody, a dropkick and an enzuigiri. He hits a slingshot spear to get a two-count. Austin goes to the floor for a breather. He returns to the ring and drops Gargano before hitting a suplex for a two-count. They trade blows. Gargano hits a fake out kick.

Theory goes for ATL, which gets blocked but he puts on the Garga-No Escape. Gargano rolls over to break the lock. Gargano puts the Garga-No Escape himself now. Theory also comes out of it by rolling over. Theory nails Gargano with a superkick. He slingshots off the apron but runs into a superkick from Gargano. Gargano hits a DDT on the floor. He brings Theory back to the ring and hits One Final Beat to get the pin.

Winner – Johnny Gargano

Rey Mysterio vs Chad Gable

The lead star from Young Rock is in the front row as Rey Mysterio and Chad Gable make their entrance. Gable trips Rey to the mat after the bell. Gable hits him with a shoulder tackle and gets a two-count with a backslide. Gable puts on side headlock. Rey nails him with a punch and throws him to the floor. He hits a sunset flip into the barricade. Rey gets back to the ring when Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio come out to the stage. We cut to a break.

Rey hits a hurricanrana and a seated senton as we return. Gable drops him face-first into the mat before hitting a German suplex. Rey fights back from another suplex. Gable puts him in an ankle lock. Rey kicks at Gable’s face and sends Gable into the turnbuckle. Rey goes for a crossbody on Gable on the floor but Otis catches him. Rey sends Otis into the ringpost. He returns to the ring and hits 619 and a springboard splash to get the pin.

Winner – Rey Mysterio

Dominik gets into the ring after the match. Rey tries to leave but Rhea is standing behind him to block. Dominik pushes Rey and asks him to hit him. Dominik slaps Rey when Rey refuses to do that. Heavy boos from the crowd. Rey attacks Damian Priest and Finn Balor as they appear on the apron. Rey goes for 619 on Balor, but Dominik intercepts to run him over. Dominik once again dares Rey to hit him. Rey is in tears as he gets up. He turns behind to go back. Dominik drops him to the ropes. Rhea holds Rey down on the ropes as Dominik hits him with 619. More boos from the crowd as the segment ends.

AJ Styles Got Backup!

All 4 members of The Judgment Day are in the ring. Rhea says she has been saying this every week that Judgment Day runs Monday Night, but we not getting it through our thick skull. Damian Priest brings up how Finn Balor handled business at Extreme Rules. Balor says he ended Edge’s party and pi–ed on his parade as he forced Edge to say “I Quit.” Balor says he is too legit to quit. He sends us to a replay of his match against Edge at Extreme Rules.

Rhea starts to talk about Beth Pheonix and says it was just a glimpse of what she is capable of. Dominik says watching Rhea in action for con-chair-to did it for him, and it did it for all of us as well. His favorite part was seeing a pathetic look on his father’s face, but that is how he has made him feel all his life. Finn Balor now addresses AJ Styles. AJ comes out to interrupt them. AJ asks why it has come down to an ultimatum. Balor replies that AJ is making it hard. AJ says he has not come out to argue with him, but he is right that everything he needs is standing right in front of him.

AJ says he needs friends and family. AJ bends his knee in front of Balor. Balor gives him his hand and pulls him up. Balor hugs him. But, AJ tells him that he was not talking about him. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows come out to a huge pop. They stand beside AJ in the ring. Dominik tries to talk trash, but Anderson nails him with an uppercut. A brawl starts between the two sides. Everyone scatters around. AJ and Finn fight in the ring until Finn is sent to the floor. The OC force Judgment Day to run away.

Byron Saxton is with Damage CTRL backstage and ask them what will they do after a setback to their plans for a takeover of women’s division. Dakota Kai intervenes and says Bayley pulled her up when she had hit rock bottom. Iyo chimes in and Dakota says we have no idea what they can do for Bayley. Bayley says she will kick Candice LeRae’s a– tonight. Bayley throws off her mic and leaves.

Roman Reigns is walking out of the arena with Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman. Jey Uso cuts him off and says he wants to talk to him. Roman says Heyman has set up something for him tonight in the city, and he wants Jey to ensure Sami wins his match tonight. Roman leaves with Solo and Heyman.

Bayley vs Candice LeRae

Bayley starts with big punches. She stomps on Candice in the corner before running her over with ax handle. Candice hits arm drags and a dropkick. She hits a snapmare before a jackknife cover for a two-count. Bayley sends her to the apron but Candice kicks her back before a missile dropkick from the top. Bayley rolls to the floor as we cut to a break.

Candice is fighting back with a knee strike, a dropkick and a senton. She hits a boot in the corner. Bayley hangs her on the ropes and attacks her knee. Bayley hits a leg DDT. She goes for Roseplant but Candice rolls her up and hangs onto the tights to get the pin.

Winner – Bayley

Candice runs to the stage. Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky attack her from behind. They brings her back to the ring and continue to attack her. Bianca Belair runs out but Damage CTRL attack her also. Bayley holds her on the apron so that Kai and Iyo could hit a stereo dropkick. Bianca and Candice are beaten up some more in the ring. Damage CTRL end the segment by posing in the ring.

The Miz is backstage as he meets Maryse. Miz says they should not do his birthday celebration as they know Dexter Lumis would show up. Maryse tells him not to worry and gives him a gift. It is a baseball bat.

The Miz’s Birthday Celebration!

Maryse is in the ring which is setup for Miz’s birthday celebration. She brings out The Miz. Miz shows off his baseball bat which is signed by Cleveland’s Jose Ramirez. Miz talks trash about New York’s teams for a while before moving onto his gifts. Miz uncovers a big gift which are two giant bean balls with Miz’s upper body printed on them. Maryse says these two giant balls are for Miz’s giant bat.

Miz goes to pick a gift from the table, but Dexter Lumis’ head was under it. Miz puts the gift back and slams it with the bat. Lumis is gone by then. He appears behind Miz and puts him in a choke. Maryse tries to save Miz but ends up getting kicked into the cake. Miz gets near the ropes and uses them to escape and run to the back. Maryse also recovers and runs to the back. Lumis picks up a knife and punctures Miz’s balls. He cuts the cake which was destroyed by Maryse earlier and eats it.

After the break, DX trio of Shawn Michaels, Road Dogg and X-Pac are backstage with an enhancement tag team. They hype them up to show Omos what they are capable of. The Miz comes in looking for Triple H as he wants to talk to him about Dexter Lumis. Michaels says that Miz must have done something to him that Lumis is after him. Miz says he can do anything to get rid of Lumis. Road Dogg proposes a match next week on RAW between them, and if Miz wins Lumis is out of WWE. Miz accepts and leaves. X-Pac asks Road Dogg if he can make such decisions. Road Dogg thinks he can.

Omos vs Robert Adams & Josephy Torress – Handicapped Match

Omos hits a bit boot on Torress. He picks Adams and drops him on the turnbuckle. A body slam follows. Omos throws Torress across with a suplex. He hits a corner splash on Torress before hitting a backsplash on Adams. He hits a double chokeslam and gets the pin easily.

Winner – Omos

We get a complete replay of Bray Wyatt’s return at Extreme Rules.

Lashley has Beaten Whom?

WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley comes out for his match against Seth Rollins. Lashley takes the mic and says he has been a fighting champion for all of us. He points out how he has big wins this year over Brock Lesnar and others. He is suddenly interrupted by Brock Lesnar’s music. Lesnar makes his entrance, circles around the ring before entering. He picks up the mic and says “Holy S–t” which gets beeped.

Lashley holds his title high in the air. Lesnar picks him up and hits an F5. Lesnar picks up his hat, but the crowd starts to chant “One More Time.” Lesnar obliges and hits him with a German suplex and another F5. More chants from the crowd. Lesnar now puts on the Kimura lock on Lashley and hurts Lashley’s arm. Lesnar picks up his hat and wears it before leaving.

After the break, we see referees and medical team checking on Lashley near the announce table. Seth Rollins comes out and asks Lashley to get into the ring. The referees try to take Lashley to the back. But Rollins continues to run his mouth. He gets a mic and asks Lashley how he is supposed to be a fighting champion. He brings up that Lashley is a soldier and he is a disgrace to the US title and to this country. Lashley takes the bait and comes into the ring. He asks to ring the bell.

Bobby Lashley(c) vs Seth Rollins – WWE United States Championship

Lashley goes for a spear but Rollins counters with a pedigree. Lashley kicks out of the pin though. Rollins hits a frog splash to get another near fall. Rollins waits for Lashley to get up but he misses a stomp. Lashley hits a spear, but he could not get around to go for a pin. Lashley goes for the Hurt lock but Rollins attacks his injured arm. Rollins hits a rolling elbow, a superkick and another rolling elbow. He kicks at Lashley’s injured arm to set up for the stomp. He hits one stomp and hypes the crowd, who start to sing Rollins’ theme. Rollins waits for Lashley to get up again and hits another stomp to get the pin.

Winner – Seth Rollins

Rollins gets the title and celebrates with it.

We get a recap of Rollins’ win after the break. Byron Saxton catches up with Bobby Lashley backstage. Lashley says he will deal with Seth Rollins but before that he will deal with Brock Lesnar. He calls out Lesnar to come to RAW next week and he will show him who is the Beast.

We turn to the commentators when the screen suddenly starts to flicker. We get another video from The White Rabbit who says “Rebel what you are!”

Matt Riddle vs Sami Zayn

Sami hits a tackle after a side headlock. Riddle comes back with a leg lariat. He hits sidekicks before nailing Sami with an elbow. Sami comes out of a headlock and hits a clothesline to get a two-count. Sami hits some punches and sets up Riddle on the ropes so that Jey could take a cheap shot at him. Sami tells Jey that he is handling this and not to get involved. Riddle sends him to the floor with a back-body drop. Sami turns it around on the floor and hits Riddle with a moonsault press. Sami poses on the barricade to take us to a break.

Sami is in control when we return. He hits an elbow from the second rope. He goes for another one, but Riddle ducks him and hits him with a Pele kick. More kicks are followed by a senton. Sami hits him with a Michinoku driver to get a two-count. Sami goes to the top now. Riddle jumps on. Sami drops him back with a headbutt. Riddle catches him with a knee strike mid-air to get a two-count. Sami brings down Riddle from the top. Sami stops Jey from getting involved again. Riddle rolls him up for a two-count. Riddle takes him to the floor with headscissors and hits a senton. We cut to another break.

They take down each other with clotheslines. Sami hits a big kick. Riddle replies with a ripcord knee. Sami hits an exploder to send Riddle into the turnbuckle. Riddle hits Randy Orton’s powerslam. Sami sends him to the floor with back body drop. The Usos do not get involved this time. Randy hits Sami with bodykicks when he comes out. Jey stops Jimmy from getting involved. Back to the ring, Riddle hits RKO to get the pin.

Winner – Matt Riddle

Riddle leaves the ring after the match. Sami rolls to the floor where The Usos were standing. Jey says he was just following orders from Sami. Riddle celebrates on the stage when DX’s music hits.

DX comes out in an open SUV. Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Road Dogg and X-Pac- all four are there. They have green LED sticks with them which they throw in the crowd. X-Pac gives a tribute to Chyna before Road Dogg starts their usual skit. Road Dogg gets the chant going for New Age Outlaws. Triple H asks who was watching them 25 years ago. Lots of hands go up in the crowd. Triple H thanks thousands in attendance and millions watching from their homes. He has got two words for us – “S–k It!” Shawn Michaels asks the crowd that if they are back 25 years from now, we should put them out of their misery. DX poses in the ring to close the show.

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