WWE RAW January 10, 2022: Results, Match Card, Preview, Tickets

WWE RAW 10 January 2022 results
Credits- WWE

WWE RAW episode of January 10, 2022, will continue the build-up towards Royal Rumble PPV. The event will air live from the Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA.

A #1 contender match for RAW Women’s Championship match is announced between Liv Morgan, Bianca Belair and Doudrop. WWE Champion Brock Lesnar will also be around. Alexa Bliss will start her journey back to RAW in New Year.

Keep on reading to check the complete details on the January 10, 2022 episode.

Show – WWE RAW
Date – January 10, 2022
Location – Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA
Time – 8 PM EST(January 11 – 1 AM GMT)


The tickets for WWE RAW at Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA, can be booked via the link given below. The ticket prices start from $19 to $483 plus charges.

Match Card & Results

  • Alpha Academy(Otis & Chad Gable) defeated RK-Bro(Randy Orton & Riddle)(c) via pinfall to win WWE RAW Tag Team Championship.
  • Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode & Apollo Crews defeated Damian Priest, Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Seth Rollins defeated Big E in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Omos defeated Nick Saturn in a singles match via pinfall.
  • AJ Styles defeated Austin Theory in a singles match via disqualification.
  • Doudrop defeated Liv Morgan & Bianca Belair in a triple threat match via pinfall to become the #1 Contender for WWE RAW Women’s Championship.

Live Updates

Lesnar & Lashley

The show opens with a recap of Bobby Lashley winning #1 contender match for WWE Championship. Brock Lesnar comes out to the ring with Paul Heyman. Backstage, Lashley is with MVP when Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin come to him and talk about Hurt Business. Lashley says there is no more Hurt Business and he does not work with anyone.

Back to the ring, Heyman introduces Lesnar. Lesnar takes the mic and shows his delight over being in Philedelphia. Lashley’s music hits and he comes out with MVP. MVP now introduces Lashley. Lashley says it is an honor to stand with Lesnar in the ring. He says Lesnar has been ducking him for the past 20 years. Lesnar replies that it is Lashley’s fault that he did not climb the ladder soon enough. Lesnar has won titles in many ring and it is Lashley’s fault that he did not even know him before Day 1.

Lesnar jokes about Lashley and MVP dressing up and ask about the thread count. Lashley says he could be a good stand-up artist and he will be in the first row for it after defeating him for the WWE title. Lesnar mocks Lashley with a knock-knock joke. Lesnar tells him that it is impossible to beat him Lesnar, and it is also difficult to be a Brock Lesnar wanna be.

Lesnar leaves the ring. Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin attack Lashley but Lashley takes upper hand and clotheslines them out of the ring. He beat them up ringside and slams them into the barricade.

Randy Orton and Riddle are at the Gorilla position. Randy tells Riddle to start focusing in the ring. He writes “tag in Randy” on Riddle’s hand for him to remember whenever he is in danger. They make their entrance as we cut to a break.

RK-Bro(Randy Orton & Riddle)(c) vs Alpha Academy(Otis & Chad Gable) – WWE RAW Tag Team Championship Match

Gable and Riddle start. Riddle goes for a waistlock. Gable brings him down with a drop toe hold. Some chain wrestling before Gable puts on a chinlock. Riddle transitions to an armbar but Gable grabs the ropes quickly. Gable hits a punch and Riddle replies with sidekicks. Riddle hits a penalty kick from the apron and then a suplex on the floor. We cut to a break as Riddle and Orton pose.

Riddle is trying to fight back as we return. Gable has hit him with dragon screw leg on the top turnbuckle to take control. Gable brings him down with dragon screw leg again. Otis tags in and slams Gable into Riddle in the corner. Riddle escapes a powerslam and knocks Gable from the apron. Riddle hits a floating bro on Otis. Orton gets a hot tag. Orton with clotheslines on Gable and knocks Otis off from the apron. Orton hits his signature powerslam on Gable.

Orton goes for draping DDT but Gable drops his face on the ropes. Gable goes to the top but Randy trips him. Randy hits a superplex on Gable. Riddle goes to hit Otis but Otis slams tackles Riddle and takes a blind tag. Orton goes for RKO on Gable but Gable sends Orton to Otis who hits a powerslam to get the pin.

Winners – Alpha Academy(Otis & Chad Gable)(new RAW Tag Team Champions)

Backstage, Street Profits and Damian Priest talk about entering Royal Rumble match. Profits are concenred which version of Priest will they get. Priest tells them to be rest assured that the bad side is only for people like Ziggler, Roode and Crews.

Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode & Apollo Crews

Ford and Crews start the match. Back and forth action before Ford takes over and tags in Priest. Preist keeps up with the attack on Ziggler. A spinning wheel kick drops from Preist on Ziggler. Roode comes in but gets splashed in the corner. Roode tries to stop a suplex from Priest. Street Profits come into tackle with Roode & Crews. Priest and Profits pose in the middle after sending other opponents to the floor.

Crews drops him Ziggler with a powerslam. Ziggler tags in and works on Ford, keeping him down. Ford stops fameasser and tags in Dawkins. Dawkins drops everyone from the apron. A running tackle to Roode before he drops Crews. Bulldog to Roode and a swinging neckbreaker but Crews breaks the pin. Crews attacks Priest on the floor after Commander Azeez distracts him. Back in the ring, Ziggler attacks Dawkins from behind to hit zig zag to get the pin and the win.

Winners – Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode & Apollo Crews

We see the recap of how Seth Rollins is the new challenger for Roman Reigns. Rollins makes his entrance as we cut to a break.

Rollins takes the mic in the ring. He talks about Royal Rumble approaching and that its just 2 weeks. He is excited about that night since he will become the Universal Champion that night. Rollins says we might wonder how he got into the Universal title match after being screwed out of WWE title singles match. Rollins says he does not need any special counsel or advocate to get his things done.

Big E comes out to the ring. Big E says he is also excited for Royal Rumble and Rollins is his favorite World title combatants that night. Big E announces himself for Royal Rumble match. Big E predicts that he will win the Royal Rumble match and then defeat Rollins at WrestleMania 38 to win the World title again. Rollins says Big E does not have a chance of beating him one on one. Big E challenges for a match right away. Rollins declines initially but Big E goads him into accepting the match.

Seth Rollins vs Big E

Big E applies a headlock to start the match. Rollins hits a dropkick before Big E hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Rollins hits a big boot and sends Big E to the floor for a suicide dive. Rollins goes for another suicide dive but Big E cuts him off at the ropes. Big E hits a running splash on the floor as we cut to a break.

Rollins hits a kick to the face. Big E drops him with a back body drop. Rollins get sent into the corner. Rollins counters Big Ending and hits chop block. He hits a driving knee drop from the apron as Big E goes to the floor. Back to the ring, Rollins hit diving knee drop the top turnbuckle. Rollins puts on a chinlock. Big E gets to his feet but Rollins nails him with punches and chops.

Big E comes back with an Urinage from the corner. Big E with clotheslines before Rollins hits a headbutt. Big E spears him to the floor from the apron. We cut to another break.

Rollins has Big E in a chinlock. Big E hits him with a trio of belly-to-belly suplexes. He hits a standing splash after running the ropes. Rollins escapes Big Ending and hits a rolling elbow. Rollins looks to hit a suplex but Big E overpowers. Rollins nails him with an enziguiri for a two-count. A superkick follows for another two-count. Rollins hits a splash from the top, but Big E still kicks out.

Rollins waits for the stomp but Big E hits him with a powerbomb. Big E transitions into a stretch muffler submission. Rollins gets to the ropes. Big E hits Urinage for a near fall. Rollins goes to the top after hitting a knee strike. Big E goes for the Big Ending from the second rope but Rollins fights back. Rollins goes for the pedigree but had to move to rolling elbow strikes. Rollins hits the stomp and covers Big E for the pin and the win.

Winners – Seth Rollins

The Split

Sarah Schreiber is in the ring with Nikki ASH and Rhea Ripley. Nikki says they are here to challenge WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Carmella and Queen Zelina Vega to a rematch. Ripley says that’s not what they discussed before and were supposed to talk about Royal Rumble. Schreiber asks them if their team has run its course. Nikki interrupts Rhea as she was replying and says it hasn’t. Some tension between them now.

Nikki wants to talk about the future of their team right now. Ripley says they had a great run but it’s time to go their separate ways. Nikki says teaming brings out the best in each of them. Ripley says Nikki is right but she wants to venture out on her own. Nikki asks her if this is about the title or Rhea has stopped believing her because Nikki got pinned last week, and Rhea thinks she is better than her. Ripley denies that but Nikki says Rhea was thinking about it.

Nikki says she did a favor on Rhea by continuing to be her teammates. Ripley says this is making her uncomfortable because she doesn’t like where this is going and just want to say goodbye. Ripley offers her hand for a shake. Nikki says Ripley has to look in her eyes and say she still believes in her before breaking up the team. Ripley has always believed in Nikki and always will. Nikki gets emotional, and then asks if they really can still be friends.

Rhea and Nikki hug for a while. Nikki poses on the ropes. She then turns backs to attack Rhea and takes her down for some ground and pound. Nikki exits the ring and says Almost Superheros do not need friends.

WWE 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke is backstage. Reggie comes to her with some cheesesteaks. He then tells Dana that his sixth sense tells him that danger is around for 24/7 Championship. They run but encounter R-Truth and a referee. Akira Tozawa is in a trash can. Dana throws her wraps at Truth and Tozawa, but they duck. Dana and Reggie run away. Tamina runs in and is angry at Truth and Tozawa.

Omos is walking backstage when Dana Brooke runs past him. Reggie crashes in to Omos, which makes the big man angry. Omos picks up Reggie and puts him to the ceiling. Dana shouts at him to drop Reggie. Omos drops Reggie but tells him that they will meet in the ring next week.

Omos vs Nick Saturn

Omos is intimidating this young man even before the bell. Nick tries to attack Omos but Omos runs into a brick wall. Omos puts his foot on him as he tries to run away. A corner splash from Omos before he drops him to the mat again. Omos hits a double handed chokeslam powerbomb and puts his foot on his chest for the pin and the win.

Winners – Omos

Reggie is watching this from backstage.

Cutting Edge with Beth Pheonix

Edge welcomes tonight’s guest and says she is his most curvaceous person to come to cutting Edge till now. Beth Phoenix comes out. Edge sends us to a video package for Pheonix. Beth says they will shut up Miz and Marys at Royal Rumble. Miz and Maryse comes out to the stage. The Miz says he got to know about the package for Beth beforehand, so, he has made a package for Maryse. Miz narrates a video package with highlights from her career.

The crowd boos when the package says Miz and Maryse will beat Edge & Beth at Royal Rumble. rants to the crowd about how everyone should be honored to be in Maryse’s presence. Edge says Maryse is a former champion and they respect her for that. But his wife can dead-lift a Buick. Edge says if he had to face his wife in the ring he’d have the same look as Maryse right now. Beth has a few words for Maryse and wonders why she’s suddenly quiet since that Beth is back on RAW. Beth tells her that time for apology is gone and she will wreck Maryse at Rumble.

Miz goes on another rant and tells Maryse to tell Beth how she will beat her up. Miz continues with his promos and does not realize that Maryse has already left behind him. Edge and Beth give a comical look until Miz turns around. Beth then tells Miz that if Maryse is too afraid to show up for their match at The Rumble, she will take great pleasure in knocking Miz’s teeth. The segment ends with Edge’s music.

Austin Theory vs AJ Styles

Theory starts with punches. Styles fires back with chops. AJ hits a backbreaker. Theory with a corner clothesline and a springboard splash to get a two-count. AJ hits a dropkick. Theory manages to send AJ to the floor. Theory hits him with dropkick at the apron when AJ was looking to get back. We cut to a break.

Theory whips AJ to the corner. AJ comes back with a clothesline and a flying forearm. AJ hits a neckbreaker. Theory comes back with a neckbreaker on his knees. AJ counters in the corner and goes for the Phenomenal Forearm. But Grayson Waller trips AJ from the apron and runs him over with a clothesline. The referee calls the match.

Winners – AJ Styles(by DQ)

After the match, Theory gets to the floor and takes a selfie with AJ. Theory leaves before AJ counters to slam Waller into the apron. Waller runs away from the ring.

Liv Morgan vs Doudrop vs Bianca Belair – #1 Contender Match for WWE RAW Women’s Championship Match

Becky is on the commentary. Doudrop drops Liv with a tackle. Bianca sends her to the floor. Doudrop pulls Bianca out to the floor. Liv hits a dive on both of them. Liv gets a two-count on Bianca. Bianca drops her with a tackle. Liv hits her with a hurricanrana. Doudrop comes in but Bianca avoids a powerbomb from her and hits her with a dropkick. Bianca hits a suplex on Liv. Doudrop hits with of them with a running crossbody.

Doudrop hits a Michinoku driver on Bianca. She then drops Liv on top of Bianca face first. Doudrop covers both but both of them kick out. Doudrop puts on a choke on Liv. Liv comes out of the choke but Doudrop hits her with a corner splash. Doudrop misses a cannonball in the corner. Liv tries to stomp her into the turnbuckle but Doudrop sends her flying to the floor. We cut to a break.

Bianca was looking for a sunset flip on Doudrop but Liv drops her with a hurricanrana. Doudrop kicks Liv into the turnbuckles. Bianca tackles Doudrop. Bianca and Liv go at it. Liv puts on the Saturn lock. Bianca is in trouble but does not give up. Liv hits her with elbows to the ribs. Bianca starts to hulk up and gets on her feet. Liv hits her with double knees when she goes for a slam. Liv hits knees to Doudrop before sends Bianca face first into the turnbuckle.

Liv and Bianca are on the top. Doudrop hits Liv with a powerbomb. She goes to cover Liv but Bianca hits them with a 450-splash to break the pin. Bianca hits big elbows to both women. Bianca drops Liv on Doudrop. She hits both of them with springboard splash. Bianca hits Liv with the KOD but Becky breaks the pin. Bianca runs after Becky on the floor. Becky sends Bianca into the announce table. Doudrop recovers and hits Liv with a vader bomb to get the pin.

Winner – Doudrop(#1 contender for RAW Women’s Championship)

After the match, Becky gets into the ring and tries to hit Doudrop with the Manhandle slam. Doudrop is too big for her. Becky rolls to the floor when Doudrop goes to attack her. The show ends with Drudrop staring at her from the ring.


Liv Morgan vs Doudrop vs Bianca Belair: On the latest episode of Raw, Bianca Belair, Doudrop, and Liv Morgan demanded a shot at Becky Lynch’s Raw Women’s Championship. As a result, now these three ladies will face each other in a triple threat match in order to earn the opportunity to face Becky Lynch at Royal Rumble for the title. 

Alexa Bliss Journey Back To Raw: Alexa Bliss, who was out of action since Extreme Rules PPV, will finally make her long-awaited return to the red brand in next week’s episode. Now, it will be interesting to see whether she will resurrect the Little Miss Bliss gimmick or will continue to use her supernatural gimmick inspired by the Fiend.

Brock Lesnar Appears: WWE Champion Brock Lesnar will appear on RAW two weeks in a row, which is a welcome change to his prior title reigns. How will his feud with Bobby Lashley continue?

WWE RAW Tag Team Championship Match: The Alpha Academy will challenge RK-Bro for the RAW Tag Team Championship. This comes after Alpha Academy defeated RK-Bro in a non-title match last week. Otis pinned Riddle in that match.

One Comment

  1. I feel Seth will be a tweener heading into Rumble against Reigns and the length of his time in this role will depend on how long Drew stays out. From what I’ve read, Seth was supposed to win the title from Big E at D1 and become the Big Bad on RAW heading into Mania. Meanwhile, Roman retains against Brock and then moves onto a program with Drew leading into the show of shows so that Drew can finally have his moment in front of a packed stadium.

    This has all changed, obviously.

    If they want to keep Seth as a face long-term, they have got to do a better job with his character and give us valid reasons to cheer for him aside from the catchy new theme.

    I always felt his face run from a few years back was awkward. Once the Triple H feud ended and the novelty factor wore off, it became hard to continue rooting for him. Why? Because Seth is a natural heel. He’s got an annoying voice/laugh and simply works better as a shitty, pompous asshole.

    Heck, I even enjoyed the Messiah in 2020 and wished they hadn’t ruined it by saddling him with an 11-month feud against Rey.

    When they started booing him in his feud against The Fiend, I wasn’t surprised at all because it would only be a matter of time. His baby face act had already gotten stale at that point coming off of that couples program between him and Bex against Corbin and Lacey.

    Bottom Line: Seth is OK as a face in short doses… but long term, he is much more entertaining as a heel.

    I agree with your Lashley point. Most are pointing to him feuding with Edge this year so it would be a nice change of pace to see him as a face and Edge reverting back to being a psychotic heel to ignite the rivalry.

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