SmackDown ends with Roman Reigns Accident and CliffHanger

A bizarre accident closed SmackDown this week as some racks and other production equipment on Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns Accident SmackDown 30 July 2019
Roman Reigns was involved in an Accident with Production Equipment on SmackDown 30 July 2019

WWE promoted throughout Tuesday night’s SmackDown broadcast that Roman Reigns would issue a SummerSlam challenge. The reveal was slated for the very last segment of the show. As the camera crew cut backstage after the final match of the night, Kayla Braxton stood by at the interview set as Reigns was shown walking down the corridor. Just as he was about to reach the set, a few steel racks that were set-up on end suddenly fell down on him.

Braxton panicked and officials ran but after several camera cuts, Roman seemed to have escaped the wreckage seemingly unscathed but shook up. Two EMTs attempted to examine him and check him out, but Reigns declined and walked off looking confused as the show ended. It was a bizarre end to the show that will surely be followed up next week as we get the reveal for Reigns’ eventual opponent, and might have caused the incident.

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