AEW Dynamite Results Oct 27, 2021- Elite vs Dark Order Live Updates

AEW Dynamite 27 October 2021 Results
Credits- AEW

Welcome to the live blog for AEW Dynamite episode of October 27, 2021. Leading to AEW Full Gear in just three weeks, AEW is progressing so many storylines on the show.

AEW World Title Eliminator tournament will continue with Jon Moxley vs 10(Preston Vance) match. Hikaru Shida will get a chance to take revenge over Serena Debb who stop Shida from getting her 50th win in AEW. Dark Order challenged The Elites and this time, Adam Page will be around to deal with any mishappenings. CM Punk will also be in action against Bobby Fish.

Sammy Guevara will defend the TNT Championship against Ethan Page. Sammy will get to choose the three members from American Top Team for the match against Inner Circle if he manages to retain his title over Page.

Join us as we bring you the live results and updates from an exciting episode of AEW Dynamite on October 27, 2021 with winners and highlights.

Show – AEW Dynamite
Date – October 27, 2021
Location – Agganis Arena, Boston, MA
Time – 8 PM EST (October 27 – 12 AM GMT)


  • CM Punk defeated Bobby Fish in a singles match via pinfall.
  • MJF defeated Bryce Donovan in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Sammy Guevara(c) defeated Ethan Page – AEW TNT Championship Match
  • Jon Moxley defeated Dark Order’s 10 via pinfall in AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament Round 1 match.
  • Hikaru Sheeda defeated Serena Debb via pinfall in TBS Women’s Title Tournament Round 1 match.
  • Dark Order(John Silver, Evil Uno, Colt Cabana & Stu Grayson) defeated The Elites(Kenny Omega, Adam Cole, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) in a tag team match via pinfall.

Live Updates

CM Punk is opening the show for this match against Bobby Fish.

CM Punk vs Bobby Fish

Bobby Fish is not engaging and moves to the apron to taunt Punk. Punk with a headlock. Fish throws him to the ropes and Punk comes with a shoulder tackle. Fish with a knee strike on Punk in the corner. Punk unloads on him in the corner and hits a elbow drop. Fish avoids a few moves, only to be hit with body slams back to back.

Fish comes back in to the match and puts Punk on a sleeper. Punk clotheslines him out of the ring and hits tope suicida. Fish trips him on the apron. A back suplex and reverse dragon screw leg from Fish as the action return to the ring. Fish is working on leg now. He takes Punk to the floor and sends him into the barricade. They trade elbow strikes before Fish hits a knee to take back control.

Fish is unloading in the corner again with knees and forearms. Fish uses the ropes to damage his leg in between. Punk fights back on the top and drops Fish to hit him with elbow drop. Punk with more forearm strikes as he gets to his feet. Fish trips him by kicking at his leg. Fish runs into a heel kick and a neckbreaker. Punk with a knee strike and short clothesline for a two-count.

Fish hits another dragon screw leg to damage the leg. Fish goes for jacknife cover but Punk gets up and catches Fish with GTS out of nowhere for the pin and the win.

Winner – CM Punk

Aleister Black gets a pre-recorded promo and asks Cody whether he thought this was about pinfall. He made his own family hate him, fans booing him and what not. Black is not done with the Nightmare Family.

MJF vs Bryce Donovan

MJF is action against an enhancement talent. He offers a ruse of a handshake and whips Donovon to the corner. He hits the piledriver finisher and gets the pin by putting a finger over Donovon.

Winner – MJF

MJF takes the mic and takes shots at the crowd. He then moves on to Darby Allin and tells him he started breaking him mentally. MJF says after Full Gear he will be moving for AEW World Championship. Sting’s music hits and MJF and company get ready for his arrival. But it was all ruse from Shawn Spears. MJF laughs at the prank.

Suddenly, light go out and we see a video of Darby putting MJF through a table at some stand up show. Sting is standing in the ring as the lights come back an attacks Wardlow and Spears. MJF runs away to the floor, but Darby Allin appears behind him. MJF runs to the stage while Allin and Sting beat up Wardlow and Spears. Allin takes the mic and challenges MJF for a match at AEW Full Gear.

Britt Baker and her stooges are with Tony Schiavone backstage. Tony tells her that Tony Khan has booked a match against Abadon on Rampage this week. This will be a trick or treat match. Treat is Abadon gets a title shot if she wins. Trick is that the match will be a No Disqualification.

Sammy Guevara vs Ethan Page – AEW TNT Championship Match

Sammy Guevara attacks Ethan Page before the bell could ring. He forces Page to the floor and hits a suicide dive. Guevara beats up Page on the floor and sends him into the barricade a few times. The referee intervenes to bring the action back to the ring and calls for the bell.

Page hits a big boot and unloads with big right hands. Sammy hits a dropkick. He hits a clothesline and a suplex. Page trade strikes before hitting a chop. Sammy fires with chops of his own. Sammy with a knee to the spine and a low superkick. He goes to the top and Page trips him. Page hits a backbreaker on the turnbuckle. Sammy falls to the floor as we cut to the break.

Page is toying with Sammy as we return from the break. Sammy with forearm shots and avoids the Ego’s edge. Sammy comes back with clotheslines and enziguiri. He hits a springboard cutter before running into a big boot. Sammy hits a standing Spanish fly for a near fall. Sammy hits a shooting star press on the floor.

Page with some knife edge chops and armdrags as we return to the ring. Page goes to the top. Sammy tries to bring him down, but Page body slams him from the top. Sammy counters Ego’s edge with headscissors. He puts on a jacknife cover for the pin.

Winner – Sammy Guevara

Page attacks Sammy after the match. Sammy fights back but Scorpio Sky runs in. Indder Circle also come out and Page and Sky run away. Jericho takes the mic and confirms 5-on-5 match for Full Gear. They will announce the three members of American Top Team next week.

Tony Schiavone is with Bryan Danielson and Eddie Kingston before their semifinals tournament match. Kingston is miffed at Danielson saying that he doesn’t work hard. Kingston says he is dealing with stuff every single day and Danielson shouldn’t talk until he walks a day in his shoes. Danielson says that’s the aggression from Kingston he wants. He terms Eddie and Jon Moxley as two of the toughest he has ever been with in the ring. But ultimately, he is going to beat Kingston in their match.

Jon Moxley vs Dark Order’s 10 – AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament Round 1

Moxley starts with a German suplex and stomps away in the corner. 10 comes back with a back elbow. Moxley drops him to the apron and then slams him hard on the steel steps. Moxley tears off his mask and bites his head. 10 is bloodied up. He tries to fight back but Moxley drops him with a lariat and paradigm shift for the win.

Winner – Jon Moxley

Tony Schiavone is with FTR to discuss Lucha Brothers’ challenge for Full Gear. FTR say they are waiting to get the titles back ever since they lost them.

Dark Order(John Silver, Evil Uno, Colt Cabana & Stu Grayson) vs The Elites(Kenny Omega, Adam Cole, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson)

Cole starts with a punch but eats a sidekick and a back body drop. Uno tags in and so does Kenny. Uno sends Omega into the corner and goes for the splash. But Omega turns around and Uno lands on the Photon gun. Nakazawa hits Uno with a splash on the floor. Matt tags in and Uno trips him with a kick.

The referee gets distracted again and Dark Order runs riot on Matt. Cabana sprays cold spray to Matt’s eyes before Uno hits him with exploder suplex. Dark Order poses with Matt as we cut to a break.

Stu Grayson is fighting back against all the members. He tags in Cabana who hits moonsault on the Young Bucks and a splash on Omega. He gets Matt in a unique pin combo, only for Adam Cole to break the pin. Silver tags in and runs over all the members of the Elites on the floor. He gets back in the ring to hit a big kick to Cole’s neck.

The Young Bucks hit him with a double superkick and BTE trigger. Stu breaks the pin. Everyone starts to get involved and the referee gets knocked out. Nick hits Stu with a low blow. Omega, Cole and Matt also hit other opponents with low blows. Cabana gets dropped with powerbomb on Cabana.

Two members of Dark Order and someone dressed as a horse comes out. Elites hit the horseman with four way BTE trigger. They remove the costume and it turns out to be Brandon Cutler. Cutler has his mouth taped and therefore could not say anything. Dark Order removes other members of the Elite from the ring. Adam Page reveals himself from one of the costumes and attacks Matt. He drops Omega with dead eye. Silver comes into the ring and hits a double team finisher on Matt. The referee recovers to count for the pin for Dark Order.

Winner – Dark Order

After the match, Page celebrates with Dark Order in the ring. The Elites run away to the ramp as the show comes to a close.

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