IPL 2021 Points Table – Teams Standings & Rankings

Check out the IPL 2021 Points Table, team standings & rankings in the group stage, win-loss record, net run rate calculations and rules information.

Why is IPL Points table important? A total of 8 teams are participating in IPL 2021 but only the top 4 teams from the points table will qualify for the play-offs stage to fight for the IPL trophy.

Every position in the top 4 of IPL 2021 rankings is important. The top 2 teams in the IPL standings play in qualifier 1 and get the winner directly reaches the final. The loser of that match gets an extra chance as they get to face the winner of the eliminator match in qualifier 2. The eliminator match of IPL playoffs takes place between teams at number 3 and 4 in the IPL rankings.

So, it is not only important to get to the top 4 of the standings but reaching the top 2 gives you an extra chance.

Find out the latest IPL 2021 points table standings below, along with complete explanations of rules for identifying rankings and complete Net Run Rate Calculations. (Please note: All the information is confirmed from the IPL official website.)

Points Table

PositionTeamMatchWinLossPointNet R.R.
1DC Logo png
Delhi Capitals
2CSK logo png
Chennai Super King
3Royal Challengers Bangalore Logo
Royal Challengers Bangalore
4MI logo
Mumbai Indians
5Rajasthan Royals logo
Rajasthan Royals
6Punjab-Kings logo
Punjab Kings
7KKR Logo
Kolkata Knight Riders
8SRH Logo
Sunrisers Hyderabad
After Match 27 – MI vs CSK

IPL Points Table & Standing Rules

  • The top 4 teams in the points table qualify for the playoffs.
  • Points for a win- 2.
  • Points for a loss – 0.
  • In case of a tied match, the result is decided with a super over.
  • No Result – 1 point.
  • In case two or more teams are with the same numbers of points in the IPL 2021 standings table, the ranking will be decided on the basis of Net Run Rate(NRR).
  • Net Run Rate = (Runs Scored in Tournament/Overs Faced) – (Runs Conceded in Tournament/Overs Bowled).
  • In calculating NRR, if a team gets all out, the full quota of overs is considered.(For example, if Team A bowls out Team B for 95 runs in 15 overs, a complete 20 overs quota will be used in calculating the NRR in overs bowled for Team A and overs faced for Team B.)
  • If the NRR is also tied, then the team with the most wickets taken per fair balls(lower strikes for the team in bowling) during the IPL 2021 season will be ranked higher.
  • If the number of points, NRR, and wickets per fail balls are the same, then a lottery draw is used to determine the higher ranking.
  • All this process will not be required in case the teams are tied on numbers 1 and 2, or numbers 3 and 4.

IPL 2021 NRR Calculations

Net Run Rate(NRR) is an important metric to determine standings in the IPL points table. In case two or more teams are at the same points, the ranking will be decided on the basis of NRR.

The formula for calculating Net Run Rate is fairly simple. NRR of a team is equal to the difference of run-rate while batting and net run-rate while bowling. This formula is true for every cricket tournament.

Net Run Rate = For(Runs Scored/Overs Faced) – Against(Runs Conceded/Overs Bowled)

The Net Run Rate Calculations for IPL 2021 points table are as below:

TeamFor(Runs Scored/Overs Faced)Against(Runs Conceded/Overs Bowled)Net Run Rate
Chennai Super Kings295/35.4296/38.4+0.616
Delhi Capitals337/38.4338/39.4+0.195
Kolkata Knight Riders329/40329/400
Mumbai Indians461/60439/60+0.367
Punjab Kings327/40324/35.4-0.909
Rajasthan Royals 367/39.4368/40+0.052
Royal Challengers Bangalore309/40302/40+0.175
Sunrisers Hyderabad457/60486/60-0.483
IPL 2021 NRR Calculations After Match 9 – MI vs SRH

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