WWE RAW August 14: Becky Lynch vs Trish Stratus Set in Canada

Becky Lynch Trish Stratus

Adam Pearce officially announced that Trish Stratus will face Becky Lynch on the August 14, 2023, episode of RAW.

During the July 31 episode of RAW, Lynch called Stratus for a match, and Stratus arrived with Zoey Stark. Stratus expressed that the match would be set according to her desire. Adam Pearce appeared, reminding Stratus of her promise to face Lynch in a match.

Without delay, Pearce announced that the match would take place immediately. However, Zoey Stark interfered during the match, resulting in disqualification. Afterward, backstage, Pearce expressed his disapproval of the interference and confirmed that Stratus will face Lynch after two weeks on RAW, and a stipulation also added that Zoey Stark will be banned from ringside.

August 14 episode of RAW will air from Winnipeg, Canada, and Pearce pointed out that Trish will enjoy home-field advantage in that match.

Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus feud started when Trish turned on Becky after they lost the Women’s Tag Team Championship. Both Lynch and Stratus have already faced each other at the Night of Champions PPV event, where Stratus won the match with the help of Zoey Stark.

After the event, Startus and Lynch brawled on many episodes of RAW, and even at the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match, where Lynch broke Startus’s face.

During the July 17 episode of RAW on The Miz TV, Startus set a stipulation that if Lynch managed to defeat Zoey Stark in the July 24 episode of RAW, Lynch would get the opportunity to face Stratus. Startus also added that if Becky loses against Zoey, she would have to get a tattoo of the same on her chest.

On the July 24 episode of RAW, Becky Lynch defeated Zoey Stark. Lynch ended the match by executing Manhandle Slam. The match between Becky and Trish was earlier rumored to take place at Summerslam, but it is announced for August 14 episode of RAW.

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