Rey Mysterio Hints at Dominik Feud, Suprise for Corbin

Rey Mysterio talked about the upcoming Royal Rumble 2021 event in a recent interview with Forbes where he discussed the possibility of him or Dominik winning the men’s Rumble match.

Before Dominik’s Royal Rumble debut, Rey mentioned that he allows Dominik to figure out things by himself. “As much as I try to control Dominik or give him advice, you can only do so much before they have to find out for themselves.”

Although, The Master of 619 also added that he does not intend to work like a tag team with Dominik. “I’d definitely love to see Dominik win his first Royal Rumble, without a doubt,” said Mysterio.

“I think as a father I would definitely love to see my son succeed. But I’ll give him one pass. If he’s on the verge of being thrown out, I’ll save him once but I won’t save him twice.”

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Reading between the lines, has Rey hinted towards some sort of discontent with his son in that statement? Recently, we have seen Dominik avoiding Rey’s instructions and advice and has suffered back to back defeats to King Corbin on SmackDown.

Fans were quick to point out that it might be a hint towards a feud between father and son on the road to WrestleMania. Rey’s statement on his recent appearance on WWE’s The Bump has also acted as a catalyst towards that line of thought.

On being asked about Dominik’s participation in the Royal Rumble match, Rey Mysterio said he will not shy away from dumping Dominik from the match if it will come to that.

“I would have to throw him out right away. Yes! I mean, we have to do it. There is just no other option. Either he goes or I go, but I’m sure that I get first dibs on that, so he’s going over the top,” said Mysterio.

Rey also talked a bit about his feud with King Corbin and said he has a surprise in line for Corbin. “I have a little surprise that eventually will pop up, I’m just waiting for the right time for that, and the whole SmackDown family will know… We do know that Corbin was a former Golden Gloves boxer, so we might go down that route.”

By mentioning Corbin’s boxing credentials, is Mysterio hinting towards the return of Tyson Fury? Or is he friends with any other high profile boxer? Or maybe Cain Velasquez is deemed ready by WWE to return to the ring.

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