Rey Mysterio on WWE Thunderdome, India Visit, Great Khali

Rey Mysterio joined WWE Now India before the WWE Superstar Spectacle event and talked about WWE Thunderdome, his earlier visit to India, working with Great Khali, upcoming Indian stars, and a desire to work in front of a live Indian Audience.

Rey Mysterio RAW 1 April 2019, Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio visited India for some promotional and philanthropic work for WWE back in 2017. Discussing that tour, Mysterio told about his fondness for India and how he was treated like royalty.

“For me, it was very exciting because I didn’t only get to visit myself but I also brought my wife with me. And we were very very excited, we were treated like royalty. I remember right across the street where we were staying[in Mumbai], the ocean was right in front. It was just beautiful.”

The Master of 619 was told that the high flyer from India – Guru Raaj – has been a big fan of him. Mysterio was glad to hear this. Mysterio also talked about his experience with Great Khali and termed his as one of the most terrifying wrestler that he has faced in 32 years of his wrestling career.

Mysterio also praised the upcoming talent that is coming from India for their passion and said he believes that some of them will definitely become big WWE stars in the future. Mysterio will be teaming up with Dilsher Shanky and Giant Zanjeer from the Indian contingent and Ricochet in a tag team match at Superstar Spectacle.

“Stepping into the ring against The Great Khali- he has been one of the most terrifying opponents that I had in the 32 years in this industry. I have seen in the performance center the talent that has been striving to become a superstar. The Indian talent have an incredible passion for the sport. The size they carry on them is unbelievable and I really believe that a lot of bright future superstars that will represent India the way it should be represented.”

Former World Heavyweight Champion then asked about his experience with WWE Thunderdome. Mysterio revealed that it took him some time to get adjusted to work without the fans.

“The first couple of months were very hard for me to step inside the ring and have no friends around. But this is the time when you adapt and I think that’s one thing that we have all been conscious of… That we know how to adapt in situations like these even though it’s the first time to step into the arena and have no one’s around. But at the same time we can manage and we have been able to manage this. And now, we have these fans on monitors. It just gives it that extra touch.”

Talking about the upcoming Superstar Spectacle event, Mysterio said this is what currently comes close for him to perform in front of fans from India. But he hopes that he will be able to travel to India soon and perform live in front of them.

“For me, this is as close as it will get for now to be able to wrestle in front of my Indian fans. So, it’s a performance that you would love because every time I step into the ring, I like to give it all. This is something that will be delivered with love and passion for what we do. But I just can’t wait to be able to travel to and be in India and perform for my fans live. So, this is a teaser for what is yet to come.”

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