WWE Rumor Roundup- 24 August 2020: Roman Return, Stipulation Change

How was Roman Reigns’ Return Kept Secret?

Roman Reigns returned to WWE last night at SummerSlam. WWE managed to keep this a well-kept secret which is rarely the case with the promotion. Generally, media manages to get the inside information for such cases. So, how did WWE pull this off?

Well, WWE did not even tell its Superstars about his return. As per the report from Dave Meltzer. most of the superstars, producers and other staff were unaware of Roman’s return.

Sonya Deville vs Mandy Rose Stipulation Change at SummerSlam

As per another report from Meltzer, it was Sonya Deville’s lawyer who asked for the stipulation for the match between her and Mandy Rose to be changed at SummerSlam. Sonya has a case ongoing for her attempted kidnapping last week.

Earlier, the stipulation for the match was Hair vs Hair. The lawyer advised Sonya not to shave her head while the case is ongoing in court. It is also expected that Sonya will take time off WWE to deal with the case. There is another speculation that Sonya might be drafted to RAW or NXT in next WWE Draft.

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