WWE RAW Live Results & Updates- 27 January 2020

Drew McIntyre & Charlotte Flair RAW 27 January 2020
WWE RAW 27 January 2020

Welcome to ITN’s Live Results & Updates Blog for WWE Monday Night RAW episode of 27 January 2020(1/27/2020).

Date- 27 January 2020
Location- AT&T Center, San Antonio, TX, US
Time- 8 PM EST(28 January 2020 1 AM GMT/6:30 AM IST)

Royal Rumble 2020 has left a smile on most of the fans’ faces as it gave a satisfying match. Drew McIntyre is propelled to the upper echelon of WWE with the win and looks set to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. However, Charlotte Flair’s win is not that well received in all quarters. Both of them are announced to decide on their WrestleMania opponents. Liv Morgan vs Lana is also advertised.

The Royal Winner!

The show opens with the highlight package from the Men’s Royal Rumble match last night. Brock Lesnar’s domination and Drew McIntyre’s win were highlighted. After the opening package, we go the arena as the pyro goes off. Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Jerry Lawler are on the commentary tonight. Drew McIntyre comes out to a good(or fine) response from the crowd. He poses for the WrestleMania sign and the crowd starts chanting ‘You Deserve It’ as he takes the mic.

McIntyre needs someone to pinch him because it feels like he’s dreaming. He talks about how he won the Royal Rumble and now chooses to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania and will beat him for the WWE title. He feels like having a Claymore party tonight, hence he puts out an open challenge. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows of the OC comes out to accept his challenge. They argue within themselves about who will face McIntyre tonight. McIntyre solves that dilemma by taking both of them on in a handicapped match.

Drew McIntyre vs Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows- Handicapped Match

McIntyre drops Gallows with a side slam to start. McIntyre throws Gallows around before he makes the tag to Gallows. They temporarily get the upper hand with Anderson but Drew counters The Magic Killer. He throws Anderson across the ring with a couple of belly to belly suplexes. He hits a Future Shock DDT on Gallows and sets up for the Claymore. He nails both men with the Claymore and lays Gallows on top of Anderson so he can pin both men at once for the win.

Winner- Drew McIntyre

McIntyre throws out both Gallows and Anderson out of the ring one by one. Brock Lesnar sneaks up on him behind, picks him up and drops him with an F5. Lesnar tears his t-shirt and poses with the WWE title before leaving to the back. All this hardly took a minute.

Rey Mysterio vs MVP

They lock up and Rey tries to get MVP in a headlock. MVP quickly pushes him away to kick off an exchange of takedowns. Stalemate and they will start again. MVP gets the arm-twist and they run the ropes after this for MVP to boot Rey. MVP stomps on Rey’s chest a few times before Rey trips him at the turnbuckle. He hits an enziguiri and then a suicide dive when he moves out.

MVP whips Rey to the ropes, only to get hit by a kick to the face. MVP corners Rey but Rey has the last say as he hits a scissor takedown to slam his head into the turnbuckle. Some springboard moves from Rey follow until MVP catches him in one and slams him to the mat. He hits an elbow drop and covers, but Rey grabs the ropes. He gets Rey in the electric chair position and Rey counters to drop him on the ropes. A 619 and springboard splash gets Rey the pin and the win.

Winner- Rey Mysterio

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