WWE RAW Live Results & Updates- 27 January 2020

Aleister Black vs Kenneth Johnson

Black makes his grand entrance as the jobber awaits him in the ring. They circle and the jobber dodges Black’s initial move. Black picks him up for a snap German suplex and hit the Black mass to get the pin quickly.

Winner- Aleister Black

After the match, Black takes the mic and says it was his responsibility for being eliminated in the Rumble last night. From now on, he has changed his philosophy and will not be waiting for fights to come to him. From now on, he is coming to pick the fights.

Where is AOP?

Seth Rollins revists how Royal Rumble went for him and how he was ganged up and was eliminated by the eventual winner Drew McIntyre. Rollins advises Drew McIntyre to enjoy while fans stab him in the back. Then he gloats about eliminating Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe from the Rumble and then reminds us of his WWE RAW Tag Team title win from last week. He asks Kevin Owens and Joe to come out and go through on the challenge.

Owens says that Rollins still talks way too much. He also tells Rollins that he has been a total jackass, and now sucks. Joe and Owens wonder where they have hidden AOP to jump on them. Rollins tells them that they are not hiding out but are asked to stay away from the match. Joe and KO do not believe him and Rollins asks them to say something to KO. Joe and KO get it confirmed that AOP are in Seth’s dressing room and The Viking Raiders attack them.

Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy vs Kevin Owens & Samoa Joe – WWE RAW Tag Team Championship

Seth is forced to move outside by rapid attack from Samoa Joe. Murphy checks on him at the ringside. Rollins comes back and tags in Murphy. Murphy tries for the German suplex on Joe but is slammed to the mat and then hit by a shoulder block. A few punches are followed by a few elbows. Murphy runs the ropes to be taken down with a shoulder tackle.

Owens is tagged in and hits rapid punches and an elbow drop before tag back to Joe. Joe with some kicks and an elbow drop for two-count. Owens is tagged again to hit a clothesline. KO whips Murphy to the corner. Joe hits the side Russian leg sweep as the isolation of Murphy continues. KO with a side backbreaker on the knee.

Murphy avoids the side slam and Rollins takes the blind tag. Rollins and Murphy double team on Joe now. Rollins batters him with kicks in the corner. Murphy is tagged in but Joe ends up sending Rollins out of the ring with a back body drop. He clotheslines Murphy out of the ring and hits a plancha on him as we go to the break.

Rollins is in control against Owens as we return. Joe is sent to the back due to an injury during the break. Owens is all on his own now. Owens avoids a corner splash and hits a frog splash for a near fall. Murphy tags in and gets two-count on Owens. He and Rollins keeps KO close to their corner.

KO counters to hit the pop-up powerbomb to get a near fall. Rollins tags in Murphy who hits a step-up enziguiri and tries for the superplex. KO fights back and plants him face-first on the mat. He hits the senton from the top and Rollins has to break the pin. Owens takes out Rollins with a dive. Murphy hits an enziguiri but KO avoids the stomp by Rollins and hits him with the stunner. Murphy rolls up Owens to get the pin amid the chaos.

Winners- Buddy Murphy & Seth Rollins(retains WWE RAW Tag Team Titles)

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