WWE RAW Live Results & Updates- 27 January 2020

Edge Addresses The Crowd!!

Edge enters at the ramp and the crowd goes berserk. He gets the pyro work and heads to the ring. An “Edge!” chant breaks out as he gets ready to speak. He thanks the fans for the reaction from last night and it means a lot to him. Fans chant “you deserve it!” and Edge agrees. He talks about being medically disqualified from wrestling 9 years ago but he had a second surgery and busted his way to return.

Edge counts all the faces he saw at Royal Rumble from Orton, Styles to Riddle, Black and others. He says hopefully he sees all of them down the road. He also says that this might not last long and hopes all of the fans join him on the ride. Edge knows that he is older now but he has got one thing you can’t fabricate- he has grit. Fans pop again. Randy Orton’s music hits and he comes out.

Orton enters the ring and they hug as fans cheer. Orton credits Edge to bring him out of a self-destructive phase while making town to town in their earlier days. Orton says he is a brother and a family to him. And last night’s energy and chemistry makes him wonder what if Rated RKO gets together again. Fans go wild as Edge looks around the arena. But Orton responds with a big RKO to him.

Fans start booing Orton as he brings a steel chair in the ring. Orton hits it on Edge’s back. Orton stands over him now and the crowd is delirious. Orton wraps Edge’s neck in the chair and climbs to the top. He takes his time and decides against jumping on Edge. He moves out of the ring and brings a couple of more chairs. Orton places one chair under Edge’s head and smashes Edge’s head with another one. Orton stands up over Edge as RAW goes off the air.

WWE RAW 27 January 2020 Quick Results

  1. Drew McIntyre defeated Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows in a Handicapped match
  2. Rey Mysterio defeated MVP
  3. Aleister Black defeated Kenneth Johnson
  4. Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy defeated Kevin Owens & Samoa Joe to retain WWE RAW Tag Team Championship
  5. Humberto Carrillo defeated Andrade by a DQ in the WWE United States Championship match
  6. Charlotte Flair defeated Asuka by a DQ
  7. Mojo Rawley defeated No Way Jose to retain WWE 24/7 Championship
  8. R-Truth defeated Mojo Rawley to win WWE 24/7 Championship
  9. Mojo Rawley defeated R-Truth to win WWE 24/7 Championship
  10. Liv Morgan defeated Lana
  11. Erick Rowan defeated Brandon Vice

Raw Results Chronology

Results 20 January 20Results 03 February 2020

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