WWE RAW April 3, 2023 Preview & Match Card- RAW After Mania

WWE RAW 28 March 2022
Credits – WWE

WWE RAW episode of April 3, 2023, with the famous RAW after WrestleMania episode. The show is set to air from Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles, CA.

No matches are announced as of now, but the show will deal with the fallout from WrestleMania 39 and buildup towards Backlash 2023. This will also be the first episode after WWE-UFC merger is announced. Check below for the complete preview for WWE RAW after WrestleMania April 3, 2023 episode.

After Mania Surprises

Just a day after WrestleMania, WWE has confirmed their merger with UFC. What kind of changes will it bring to WWE programming? Will we get any more announcements related to this merger?

RAW After Mania is famous for surprises, returns and debuts. The dirt sheets have already started saying that April 3, 2023, episode of RAW is going to be the one not to miss. It is long rumoured that we might see the return of Randy Orton or Matt Riddle or both. Will it be the case? Will we see any more new signings from WWE?

What’s Next?

For the third year in a row, Roman Reigns headlined the Showcase of Immortals and came out on the winning side. His historical title reigns, which is the longest in 21st century, inches closer to 1000 days(946 days at present). The Usos have lost the title though. Does Roman Reigns has a plan to continue the Bloodline’s dominance without tag team titles?

Austin Theory achieved what he set out to do at WrestleMania – make John Cena believe in him. While there will be an asterisk on his win, as he tapped out when the referee was down and used a low blow before the finish, a win is a win. But what awaits him now? Will there be new challengers? Will Seth Rollins or Bobby Lashley start their quest for US title once again?

RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair was able to get her third win in a row at WrestleMania as she beat Asuka. Bianca’s reign has almost taken the backseat amid all the drama focused around Becky Lynch vs Damage CTRL. Will that change in the fallout of WrestleMania and WWE’s new season?

Cody Rhodes sitting disappointed in the ring after losing to Roman Reigns was one of the last shots of WrestleMania 39. In the post-show press conference, Triple H said that his story has not ended. But, does he have the willpower to come back from such a devastating loss?

What does the new season of WWE has in store for the likes of Judgment Day, Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch, Damage CTRL, Bobby Lashley and other?

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  1. I am outraged that Asuka once again failed to win her first WM title match in 4 appearances?? I hear it’s all about the money with WWE!! Putting asses in seats and selling merch!! Hunter is as bad as Vince when it comes to disrespecting the Triple Crown and Grand Slam champ!! Heard somewhere WWE is booking BianCena and Rhea in a manner like Roman, to rack up WM wins and going years undefeated to become so called legends!!?? At least Rhea has paid her dues and worked to improve her wrestling skills! She is now a Grand Slam champ! Bianca is neither!! She could become a TC champ by virtue of winning a TAG title on the main roster but doubtful to earn the GS as she would have to have earned a TAG title at NXT! Asuka, unlike any other female, has won every milestone possible except the WM title win! She needs to have another chance to defeat Bianca 1 on 1 at WM Backlash in PR!! But I bet it most like likely won’t happen because Charlotte could very well be included, just like in 2021, and she was responsible for Asuka losing again to Rhea?? It’s all BS!! Maybe Asuka needs to threaten to leave WWE? Will be interesting to see what transpires on RAW tonight!

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