WWE Power Rankings: 24 Feb – 9 Mar 2019

With lots of returns, this was a week full of surprises from WWE. But how many of them made it to the weekly power rankings, let’s see.

5. The Hardy Boyz

Matt Hardy made a surprise return to SmackDown after battling with back issues which reunited the Hardy Boyz once again on the show after a long time. They were able to get a hard fought victory over the Bar, a victory as for the Hardy Boyz after 10 years with their last win as a tag team on SmackDown coming against Edge and Big Show in 2009. Expecting more of the same in the coming weeks.

4. R Truth

Did R Truth make his childhood hero John Cena proud this week? Well he did throw an open challenge for the United States title and agreed to defend against two others stars, Rey Mysterio and Andrade at a time in a Triple Threat match which he went on to win along with going toe to toe in performance against a pair who is burning down the ring with their matches in recent times. So, the answer should be that Truth did make Cena proud…. for this week.

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