AEW Rampage Results October 22, 2021- Live Updates

AEW Rampage October 22 2021
Credits – AEW

AEW Rampage episode of October 22 is already shaped to be a huge one. AEW is advertising a stacked card for the upcoming episode. The October 22 episode of AEW Rampage will be a pre-taped one and will be taped with AEW Dynamite tonight from INTRUST Bank Arena in Wichita, KS. 

The upcoming episode of AEW Rampage will feature Pac vs Andrade El Idolo II. It will also kick off the World Title Eliminator tournament and the bracket for the TBS Women’s championship tournament will also be revealed.

Keep on reading to check the results from AEW Rampage on October 22, 2021, with live updates, preview, match card, start time, location, and more information.

Show – AEW Rampage
Date – October 22, 2021
Location – James L Knight Center, Miami FL, US
Time – 10 PM EST (October 23- 2 AM GMT)

PAC vs Andrade El Idolo 2: Andrade El Idolo and Pac are all set to collide inside the ring one more time. Last time around, Andrade was able to defeat PAC with some help from Chavo Guerrero. Will the outcome remain the same or will Pac finally get his revenge? 

World Title Eliminator Tournament: The AEW World Title Eliminator tournament will begin at Rampage. The finals of this tournament will take place at AEW Full Gear PPV and the winner will get a shot at AEW World Championship. Orange Cassidy will battle Powerhouse Hobbs in the first match of the tournament.

Anna Jay vs Britt Baker: AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker will face Anna Jay in a non-title match after a backstage brawl.

TBS Women’s Championship Tournament Bracket: AEW will reveal the brackets for TBS Women’s Championship tournament. The winner of this tournament will earn a title shot at AEW Women’s Championship.


  • Orange Cassidy defeated Powerhouse Hobbs via pinfall AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament match.
  • Britt Baker defeated Anna Jay in a singles match via pinfall.
  • PAC defeated Andrade El Idolo in a singles match via pinfall.

Orange Cassidy vs Powerhouse Hobbs – AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament

Orange Cassidy comes out. He has his ribs taped up. Hobbs comes out with Hook. He goes to shake hands with Ricky Starks at the commentary. We get a replay of OC defeating Hobbs in quick time one year back. The bell rings and Hobbs hits a spinebuster out of the gate. OC barely kicks out of the pin. Hoobs drops OC on the barricade and then smoothers his face on the steel steps.

Hobbs stretches OC against the ring post in a bow and arrow. Back to the ring, Hobbs hits a sidewalk slam. OC goes for the DDT but Hobbs drops him again. We cut to a picture in picture break.

Back from the break, Hobbs is still in control. He puts OC in a torture rack for a while. OC ducks a few clotheslines and goes for the DDT but Hobbs overpowers him. Hobbs works on him in the corner. The referee warns him but Hobbs goes to threaten him. Hook tries to calm him Hobbs down. The distraction allows Cassidy to roll him up for a pin to the win.

Winner – Orange Cassidy

AEW World Tag Team Champion Penta El Zero M makes his way down to the ring to get interviewed by Tony Schiavone. Rey Fenix is not there with him. Before Penta can say anything,FTR and Tully Blanchard attack him. PAC runs out to make the save and forces FTR and Blanchard to go back.

Britt Baker vs Anna Jay

They start with some back and forth. Baker works on Jay’s arm for a while. Jay twists the arm back and hits a superkick. More offense in the corner before hitting an arm drag. Baker sends her into the turnbuckle with a leg sweep. We cut to a break.

Baker hits a slingblade as we return. A twisting neckbreaker follows. Baker gets his glove on from Rebel. Anna comes back with a DDT and a dropkick. They trade crucifix pin attempts before Jay puts on a Queenslayer submission. Hayter had to run interference to help out Baker.

Hayter is decked off the apron. Jay gets her back in a sleeper hold and Baker somehow reaches the ropes. Baker hits a superkick and puts on the lockjaw for the win.

Winner – Britt Baker

After the match, Baker puts on the lockjaw again. Tay Conti runs out and kicks at Baker to break the hold. Conti gets the Women’s title and raises it while Baker could only watch from the sidelines.

Andrade vs PAC

PAC hits a big kick to start and then a snap German suplex. Andrade goes to the floor and PAC hits him wit a suicide dive. PAC goes to the top and Andrade trips him. Andrade hypes up but misses the double knee in the corner. PAC hits some kicks and a dropkick. He whips Andrade hard into the other corner.

PAC stomps his face against the apron. Andrade asks for his best shots and eats a big kick. PAC in control for a while and puts on a sleeper. Andrade sends him to the corner but misses the running boot. Andrade hits a corkscrew plancha to send us to the break.

Andrade is hitting three amigos as we return. PAC hits back elbows to come out of waistlock. Andrade hits a big boot near the ropes. Andrade crashes to the floor as he was going for slingshot dropkick. PAC sends him into the barricade. PAC hits a moonsault from the top to the floor.

Back to the ring, PAC goes for the brutalizer, but Andrade goes to the ropes quickly. Andrade drops PAC’s face on the ropes. They trade strikes on the apron. Andrade drops PAC on the apron with willow bell. Andrade then hits a DDT on the apron. Andrade goes to the top but PAC trips him.

PAC hits an avalanche brainbuster, but Andrade kicks out. They start trading slaps while on their knees. PAC hits poisonrana. They tangle for a bit and PAC ends up getting a pin with a cradle.

Winner – PAC

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