WWE NXT Iron Survivor Challenge Match- Format & Rules Explained

WWE NXT Iron Survivor Challenge Match

Shawn Michaels announced a new match format – Iron Survivor Challenge match – to take place at NXT Deadline 2022 event. This is a new format that is being introduced to WWE and will crown #1 contenders for NXT Championship and NXT Women’s Championship.

The November or December premium live event in NXT used to be dedicated to WarGames matches. However, WarGames is now shifted to the main roster and those matches will now take place at Survivor Series from now on. So, WWE has come up with a new concept called Iron Survivor Challenge match.

Here, we will explain the Iron Survivor Challenge match in WWE NXT, its format and complete rules.

What is Iron Survivor Challenge Match?

Iron Survivor Challenge match is a special 25 minutes match with 5 wrestlers competing in the ring. The match takes us some aspects from Ironman match, WarGames match and IMPACT’s King of the Mountain matches to create a whole new format.

The match starts with 2 wrestlers. Like a WarGames match, one wrestler will enter the match every 5 minutes. To win the match, wrestlers have to earn points through pinfalls, submissions and disqualifications in 25 minutes. These two parts of the format come from the Ironman match. Also, when a wrestler gets pinned, submits or gets disqualified, he/she will have to spend 90 seconds inside a penalty box. This rule comes from King of the Mountain match.

Format & Rules

  1. 5 wrestlers will compete in this match. They will battle each other and the clock.
  2. 2 wrestlers will start the match. Every 5 minutes, a new wrestler will enter until all 5 are in the ring.
  3. A wrestler earns a point through pinfalls, submissions and disqualifications.
  4. No foreign objects, steel chairs, ladders, or other type of equipment are allowed to be used in the match and will cause a disqualification.
  5. When a wrestler loses a fall(even with a disqualification), he/she is sent into a penalty box and is kept out of the match for 90 seconds.
  6. The wrestler with the maximum points at the end of 25 minutes will be the winner.
  7. The iron survivor will become the #1 contender for NXT Championship and NXT Women’s Championship.

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