Dexter Lumis vs The Miz Announced for Nov 28 WWE Raw

The Miz vs Dexter Lumis
Credits: WWE

Dexter Lumis will finally get his match against The Miz in two weeks on WWE Raw. 

On the latest edition of Raw, it was announced that Dexter Lumiz would face the Miz on the November 28 episode of WWE Raw. If Lumis wins this match, then he will get all the money he was owed by the Miz along with the WWE contract. 

Lumis has been targeting the Miz ever since he returned to the promotion on the August 8 episode of WWE Raw. He even kidnapped the former WWE champion and broke into his house. 

However, Johnny Gargano recently became a part of this feud and revealed that The Miz himself paid Lumis to attack him in order to get publicity. The Miz even admitted this when Gargano showed him the proof. 

On the latest edition of Raw, the Miz was confronted by Gargano again who revealed that he had talks with WWE management. The A-Lister didn’t want this match, but Gargano managed to get it for Dexter Lumis. 

Now, Lumis will finally get a chance to earn the WWE contract as he will face The Miz on the November 28 episode of WWE Raw.