WWE 2K23 Release Date, Trailer, Roster, DLC, Modes, Features

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WWE 2K23 is the next video game in the WWE 2K video game series from WWE and it comes with a significant buzz from wrestling games fans due to the popularity of 2K22.

After the lackluster performance of 2K20, 2K games skipped the production of 2K21. The studio instead focused on a revamp and took its time to properly develop 2K22. The resulting product was received extremely positively by the fanbase apart from some minor glitches here and there.

Now, they have a task to repeat and better its success with 2K23. So, what do we know about WWE 2K23 video game so far. Continue reading to know more.

Release Date & Trailer

The Icon Edition of WWE 2K23 will release on March 14, 2023. The standard edition and deluxe editions will release on March 17, 2023.

The trailer is expected to release around Royal Rumble in January 2023. Insider Gaming is reporting that 2K is holding an event in San Antonio on the day of Royal Rumble which will have hands-on gameplay along with details on this year’s 2K showcase and a new game mode.


Almost all of the WWE Superstars from the current WWE Roster are expected to be part of the WWE 2K23 roster. Alternate models and 2K Showcase unlockables will be available as additional bonuses. Musician Bad Bunny will be a special attraction that will only be available on pre-order of the game. Logan Paul is also confirmed to be part of the roster with John Cena and Austin Theory. The confirmed list of wrestlers in the WWE 2K23 roster is as follows:

Alexa Bliss, Alba Fyre, Austin Theory, Bad Bunny, Bianca Belair, Bret Hart, Bron Breakker, Cora Jade, Cody Rhodes, Charlotte Flair, Damien Priest, Drew McIntyre, Hulk Hogan, Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, John Cena, Kevin Owens, Logan Paul, Randy Savage, Rhea Ripley, Roman Reigns, Sami Zayn, Sheamus, Seth Rollins, Stone Cold, Shawn Michaels, The Miz, The Rock, Undertaker

Editions & Cover Stars

John Cena is revealed to be the Cover Star for WWE 2K23. There are three different covers released for the game. First is the cover for standard edition featuring the current version of John Cena. The second cover is for Icon Edition which features John Cena from 2005 with spinner WWE Championship belt. The third cover is for Deluxe Edition featuring Dr. of Thugonomics version of John Cena.

Icon Edition Content

The icon edition of WWE 2K23 will give a 3-day early access to the gamers. The edition will also include the below cards and packs apart from several other packages which are part of Deluxe and Standard Edition:

  • 1x Emerald Paul Heyman Manager MyFACTION Card
  • 3x Deluxe Premium Launch MyFACTION Packs
  • Bad Bunny Bonus Pack
  • Playable Bad Bunny Character
  • 1x Ruby Bad Bunny MyFACTION Card

Deluxe Edition Content

The deluxe edition, in addition to the Dr. of Thugonimics Cover, will have the below packages and card available:

  • Season Pass Access (5x DLC)
  • MyRISE Mega-Boost
  • SuperCharger
  • 1x Ruby John Cena MyFACTION Evo Card
  • 1x Emerald Bianca Belair MyFACTION Card
  • 1x Gold Asuka MyFACTION Card
  • 1x Gold Edge MyFACTION Card
  • 3x Basic Premium Launch MyFACTION Packs

Match Types

WarGames match is announced as the new addition for the game this year. Previous leaks mentioned that there will be new features added to Elimination Chamber and Money in The Bank Ladder matches also, and both can feature up to 8 players each in Exhibition mode. Both these matches are also expected to be part of GM Mode but will be limited to 6 superstars each in that mode.

WarGames Match

A full-fledged WarGames match is now part of WWE 2K23 as a new addition to the game this year. The match can be played in 3 vs 3 or 4 vs 4 modes. The match is limited to be played in three arenas only – NXT WarGames arena, Surivivor Series arena and an additional(unrevealed) arena.

Although the match might feature 6 or 8 stars, only the two wrestlers starting the match will get entrances. Others will be inside the pods. The system chooses the WarGames Advantage for entry order at random.

Players can change to the two rings at any point in time. Players can change rings in a similar way as entering the ring. A hard whip can also send a player into the other ring. The trench area will also be in play where players can apply grappling moves and striking moves. Players can check for weapons under the table before they enter the cage. These weapons can which can be pre-selected in the weapons wheel in the game settings.


The confirmed playing modes in WWE 2K23 are as below:

  • 2K Showcase
  • My Universe
  • My Rise
  • My GM(General Manager)
  • Exhibition
  • Creation Suite

General Manager Mode

It was earlier reported that My GM mode in WWE 2K23 will feature 10 playable managers. However, only Paul Heyman is confirmed as a playable manager in the game so far. It is also confirmed that you can create your own GM in this mode.

2K is advertising an enhanced and longer GM mode which is playable through multiple seasons. More variety is available in choosing match types and stipulations, more arenas and locations, and production elements.

2K Showcase Mode with John Cena

John Cena, the game’s cover star, features in Showcase mode of 2K23. The showcase mode is narrated by John Cena himself as this interactive mode transitions between gameplay and live-action footage to recreate Cena’s 20 years career.

However, in a major twist, the players have to play through some of classic moments and his famous opponents with the mission of beating Cena. His opponents include RVD(at ECW One Night Stand), and many others.

Other Modes Upgrades

There are some feature upgrades in the other modes as well.

MyFACTION allows players to collect Superstar and Legend cards and upgrade them, is now also available for online multiplayer gameplay. You can now compete in Weekly Towers and Faction Wars. New themed card packs and goals will be introduced throughout the year.

MyRise mode is also upgraded with new and distinct storylines for men and women division. Also, you can now import wrestlers created under Creation Suit into MyRise mode and build a career with them.

Upgrades to My Universe modes includes a reworked story system, ability to pick the actions and cutscenes among other minor tweaks.


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