Twitter Reacts To Barbed Wire Explosion Match at AEW Revolution 2021

Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley went to war at AEW Revolution 2021 PPV in a Barbed Wired Explosion Deathmatch with AEW World Heavyweight Championship on the line.

Just like their bout at Full Gear 2019, they went to extremes with the match having so many dangerous bumps. The noticeable of them were- Moxley’s Paradigm shift from the apron to the barbed wire table at the ringside, and Omega’s One-Winged Angel to finish the match.

The barbed wire explosions also added to theatrics to a great extent. Moxley was the first one to bear the brunt of the explosions but later sent Omega into the barbed wires twice back-to-back. Moxley also used those explosions to break a pin after Omega had hit One-winged Angel.

To sum it all, the match delivered a lot of brutal looking spots during the course. However, the ending came a little underwhelming. Eddie Kingston came out to save Moxley from the 30 minute timer explosion. But the explosion fizzled out into a weak pyro.

Twitter was at hand to express their disappointment to such an underwhelming ending to a match that will be fondly remembered otherwise.

Some were scared even before the start.

Some were grateful for the entertainers.

Mox is innovative to say the least.

Almost everyone was disheartened at such an underwhelming end to the show.

Just for the Reference Next Time!!

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