Report: Randy Orton Suffers Injury on WWE RAW

Randy Orton WWE RAW 2 November 2020

WWE Superstar Randy Orton might have got his shoulder injured on WWE RAW last night during his match against Riddle.

Randy Orton faced Riddle in a singles match in the first hour of the WWE RAW episode of 19 April 2021. Riddle got a surprise win after countering RKO into a crucifix pin.

During the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez mentioned that Randy Orton might have hurt his shoulder. Alvarez noted that Orton countered an exploder attempt but was punching from his left arm and not using his dominant right arm.

Orton blocked an Exploder and he pulled back and did this very dramatic punch and he punched him and then from that point forward he could no longer use his right arm. He was throwing forearms with his left arm, it looked horrible.

Dave Meltzer also noted on the podcast that Orton did a middle-rope superplex instead from the top rope. However, both men were not able to confirm the extend of the injury.

Orton did ran his right shoulder into the ring post during the match after missing Riddle in the corner. He was able to finish the match though which can be taken as a positive sign.

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