Kofi Kingston Pulls Off Amazing Win at Stomping Grounds

Kofi Kingston pulled off an amazing athletic feat as he jumps over Dolph Ziggler to escape the steel cage to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Stomping Grounds 2019.

Kofi Kingston Stomping Grounds 2019
Kofi Kingston Stomping Grounds 2019


Dolph Ziggler returned to WWE after a hiatus and attacked Kofi Kingston to start a feud. In kayfabe, Kevin Owens refused to travel to Saudi for this event and WWE needed a stopgap opponent for Kofi. Hence, Ziggler was called back to start a program with Kofi. Ziggler tried to sell his sudden inclusion on the pretext that he should have been getting every opportunity, every adulation, every cheer that Kofi has got in the last few months.

At Super ShowDown, Kofi retained the WWE Championship title after Xavier Woods assisted him. The controversial nature of the loss gave Ziggler a chance to ask for a rematch and he challenged Kofi for the Steel Cage match at Stomping Grounds.

Match Description

They size each other up and Ziggler goes for the superkick away. Kofi also tries to hit Trouble in Paradise before they get into each other’s face. Ziggler tries to escape from the cage but Kofi catches him. Ziggler hits a dropkick and then tries to hit the Alabama Slam on the cage walls. Kofi catches the cage and tries to climb it. Ziggler pulls him down and takes him down. He dodges Kofi, which sends him to the turnbuckle.

Ziggler slams him to the cage walls a few times and starts to work on him. He keeps him down for sometime before thrashing him to the cage once more. Ziggler has now applied a chin lock. Kofi hits a dropkick from the middle rope to give himself a little breathing room. Kofi gets sent into the cage again to give Ziggler another two count. Dolph yells at Kofi in the corner before Kofi throws him into the cage. Then play a ring- a-ring-a-roses and Kofi hits a dropkick. But Ziggler uses Kofi’s momentum to slam him to the cage again.

Ziggler slaps him a few times before Kofi starts slamming him onto the cage. He starts to climb the cage and Ziggler had to grab his leg to stop him. They started slamming each other’s face on the cage and Kofi gets the better of Ziggler. Kofi almost reaches the top but instead hits a slingshot back elbow to get a nearfall. Both men end up on the top of the cage and Kofi had to give his everything to keep Ziggler from escaping. Both men collapse back into the ring.

They start trading strikes again until Kofi hits the SOS. Ziggler counters Trouble in Paradise and snaps Kofi’s leg on his way down. Kofi is able to escape a lock, but Dolph Ziggler hits a Superkick which sends him almost out of the cage. Kingston holds on to the ring steps but is still pulled in with a Kneebar. Kofi goes for a Trouble in Paradise, but Dolph catches him with an Ankle Lock. Kofi is able to escape and then locks in an Ankle Lock of his own. Dolph escapes and hits the Zigzag.

Kofi manages to kick out and blocks a Superkick. He wrestles Dolph Ziggler to the ground, but Ziggler drags himself to the outside almost making it but Kofi manages to bring him in. Ziggler goes for the door again, but Kofi blocks him. Ziggler goes for the escape one more time but Kofi jumps over him and to the outside to win the match.

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