Kofi and Bryan cut an emphatic promo on SmackDown

Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan came out this week at SmackDown to sign the contract for the WWE Championship match for WrestleMania. In turn, they cut an emphatic promo that left the fans with goosebumps.

After the New Day won the Gauntlet match to put him in the WrestleMania match, Kofi demanded an official contract to be signed so that Mr. McMahon cannot take away the opportunity from him again as he did before Fastlane. Michael Cole announced both Daniel Bryan and Kofi who were flanked by their partners Rowan, and Xavier Woods and Big E respectively.

Bryan signed the contract first and before handing over the contract over to Kofi, Bryan went on to educate Kofi and us with some ‘life lessons’. Lesson one was “do not be complacent.” Don’t be complacent the way Kofi has, don’t think good is good enough for eleven years, do not be complacent. Lesson two, “don’t be a bystander in your own lives.” He said Kofi has been a bystander, sitting on the sidelines and waiting for others to push him to the top, watching and hoping while Xavier and Big pushed him. Lesson three, “Don’t mistake a fad for reality.” He has been in Kofi’s shoes, the way crowd went behind him and chanted “Yes!” for him is the same way they now chant “Kofi!”, and he knows how he feels. But the reality is they feed off of him. Because they are parasites and once they are done sucking all the positivity out of him, they’ll discard him.

Kofi has finally had enough and got up to tell Bryan to sit down and shut his mouth while he gets educated. Kofi tells him that while he claims to know what he is feeling, but the more he hears him talk, the more he knows Bryan does not know a damn thing about him. He became World Heavyweight Champion within his first two years and he watched that. Bryan hasn’t been through what he’s been through. For eleven years, he did not get singles title matches and that’s okay because it all lead to this moment. He sees it in Bryan’s eyes, how he trembles and plays mind games because he knows Kofi is ready. The one thing they have in common is that he knows what all this feels like, and he is scared as hell because he knows what comes next. What comes next is at WrestleMania, Kofi beats him and becomes WWE Champion. Kofi then signed the contract to end the segment with both him and Bryan in each other’s face.

Daniel Bryan will defend his WWE Championship Title against Kofi Kingston at WrestleMania this Sunday, 7 April at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. For the updates on WrestleMania, you can check out our new WrestleMania Center- a one-stop center for all things related to WrestleMania.

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