Daniel Bryan vs Drew Gulak Announced For Elimination Chamber

Daniel Bryan vs Drew Gulak WWE Elimination Chamber 2020
Daniel Bryan vs Drew Gulak WWE Elimination Chamber 2020

A new match has been fixed for WWE Elimination Chamber 2020 with Daniel Bryan taking on Drew Gulak in a singles match.

Drew Gulak has been criticizing Daniel Bryan ever since his loss against The Fiend Bray Wyatt at Royal Rumble. Taking forward his Powerpoint presentation gimmick, Gulak has been scouting Bryan in the last few weeks and advising Bryan’s opponents about his weaknesses.

However, his advice has not come to any effect as Bryan has defeated the likes of Erick Young, Heath Slater and Curtis Axel in the last few weeks when they were being advised by Gulak.

This week at SmackDown, Drake Maverick approached Gulak for a chance to face Daniel Bryan. When Maverick claimed that he can beat Bryan, Gulak started boasting of knowing about Bryan’s weaknesses. Bryan approached Gulak and told him that if he knows so much about him, why not he faces him at Elimination Chamber this Sunday.

Later, WWE confirmed the match during SmackDown which is only the sixth match to be announced for the show.

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