Report on Reason behind Bodhi Hayward’s Shocking WWE NXT Release

Bodhi Hayward WWE NXT

Bodhi Hayward was one of 5 names to be released by WWE in the latest cuts from WWE NXT and developmental.

WWE’s policy on developmental talent includes releasing wrestlers if they do not find someone progressing satisfactorily or not improving fast enough. The policy also includes cutting anyone who does make it to TV in two years.

But, Hayward’s name came as a shock since he has been a continuous appearance on screen for the past few months with Andre Chase. The reason for Hayward’s release was entirely different. Dave Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio has revealed that WWE was not happy with Hayward’s work ethic. Meltzer said,

“They[WWE] didn’t like the work ethic, and they didn’t like that he[Bodhi Hayward] was late for shows, and didn’t show up at shows or something. The primary reason for everyone was lack of progression, but for him it was a little bit more than that. It had to be enough to overcome the fact that he was actually in a storyline that was a long-term storyline, and that the crowd liked him, which is always a good sign. You wanna keep guys that have a good look and the crowd likes. But it was not enough in their minds for him.”

Hayward reacted to his release on Tuesday via social media and said that he was sad and embarrassed. Ru Feng, Sloane Jacobs, Erica Yan and Damaris Griffin were the other names to be released by WWE.

He later stated in an interview that he was confused by his sudden release. He was not involved with many matches on TV. But, Hayward was under the impression that an onscreen angle with Andre Chase and Duke Hudson will lead to more in-ring matches.

What will be Bodhi Hayward’s next step in his pro wrestling career? Keep tuned in for more news and updates.

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