AEW Revolution Live Results & Updates- 29 February 2020

Hangman Adam Page & Kenny Omega (c) vs The Young Bucks- AEW World Tag Team Championship

Kenny starts the match with Nick Jackson. Some mat wrestling is followed by some fast-paced action. The crowd is chanting for Page all this time and Kenny is forced to tag him in. Matt offers him a handshake but Page spits in his hand. Matt takes him to the mat and beats the hell out of him. The Bucks take Omega off the apron with double dropkicks and start double-teaming Hangman, which draws boos from the crowd.

The Bucks drop Hangman with a tandem neckbreaker combo. I have not seen them this mad and physically aggressive in a long, long time. Hangman slaps Matt in the face and spears him, before kneeing him in the back multiple times. Kenny asks for a tag and gets hit a little too hard. The two partners face off and nearly come to blows, but Omega begs off and again plays peacemaker.

Page goes to the outside and starts attacking Matt. He clears the timekeeper’s table and teases a powerbomb. Kenny breaks it up and tells him to take it back into the ring. They get back on the same page and start lighting up Matt with nasty knife-edge chops. Matt tries to suplex both of them, but his back gives out. He tries a second time, and this time he gets it!

In comes Nick like a bat out of hell. He springboards into a hurricanrana on Omega, then punt kicks him in the face. Hangman takes a sitdown facebuster, before Nick rolls backwards through the ropes and again takes Kenny out with… good lord, something ridiculous. He hits the ring and applies the Sharpshooter on Hangman, but Omega breaks it up with the Kotaru Crusher!

Kenny does his Terminator pose and looks to fly, but just as he clears the top rope Nick nails him with an absolutely insane superkick in midair. The Bucks set up for a double team move, but Kenny lands on his feet. Nick spits at Hangman and he nearly decks the referee in anger, costing them the match. Matt instead knocked him off the apron, bashing his head off the steel ring steps.

Matt rolls back inside and drills Omega with a beautiful, sickening piledriver right on the top of his head for a two-count. The Bucks get a little cocky and try to take a cheap shot on Page, but he punches Nick in the face and gets the hot tag. Hangman clears the ring with lariats before punting Matt in the head. A fallaway slam connected by Page before he takes out Nick.

Nick catches Hangman with a superkick. Omega rushes the ring but takes a superkick as well. He flies over the ropes from the ramp into a Destroyer on Page, but it’s not enough. They try for the Meltzer Driver, but Hangman shakes free and drills them both with Marty Scurll superkicks to the knees!Page locks in the chicken wing on Matt and Nick had to hit him with a 450 splash break the hold.

Omega is back up and the champs hit a double team move. Page hits a powerbomb, Omega hits the V-Trigger on Nick. Matt breaks the pin after two. Omega and Matt trade counters in a wild exchange until Kenny hits V-Trigger in the ropes. He hits Tiger Driver 98 for a near fall. Omega hits another V-Trigger on Nick. He hoists Nick on his shoulders and climbs to the top rope. counters to hit Avalanche Poison Rana. Matt has started hitting Page with delivers a series of locomotive bridging suplexes UP the entrance ramp on the Hangman. The last one hits on the concrete.

The Bucks know what they have to do, setting up for the Indy Taker on the concrete, and… it connects. The crowd boos the Bucks, as they look guilty after nearly murdering their friend. It’s now the both of them against Omega. Superkick from Nick. Superkick from Matt. Stereo superkicks from both. The Bucks slowly pick him up, mocking the Golden V-Trigger and Kota Ibushi.

Matt just starts stomping away on the shoulder that Omega hurt in the Ironman match with PAC. The Bucks look to finally end it, setting up for the Meltzer Driver. Nick heads to the apron, but Hangman Page is there to make the save! Hangman powerbombs him through a table on the outside! The Buckshot V-Trigger combo finds its mark on Matt Jackson, but he somehow kicks out at 2.99.

Omega delivers a V-Trigger. He sets up for the One-Winged Angel, the move that has never been kicked out of, but Matt goes after the shoulder and wriggles free. Hangman made the blind tag, and he gets Matt up on his shoulders to hit the One-Winged Angel. Nick breaks the pin. Page hits Buckshot Lariat on Matt on the outside and then another one on Nick in the ring to get the pin.

Winners- Kenny Omega & Hangman Page

Post-match, Young Bucks try to talk with Omega, who seems somewhat annoyed with how things played out. Omega gives a fist bump to Matt and Nick. Page still seems distant though, he looks at them for a moment, gives kind of a head nod, but gets out of the ring. Young Bucks leave the ring, Page eyes Omega like he was gonna hit him with a buckshot lariat, but then tells Omega to come on and holds the ropes for him.