AEW Revolution Live Results & Updates- 29 February 2020

Main Show Results & Updates

The main show starts with a vignette of all the feuds. Star-Spangled Banner is sung as we cut to the arena. QT Marshall hypes up Dustin Rhodes at the stage during his entrance. Hager comes out and makes his way to the front row where he gives his wife a big kiss.

Jake Hager vs Dustin Rhodes

Rhodes gets caught as he charges. Hager takes him to the corner where Dustin turns it around with a few punches. Hager hits a side suplex before they start trading punches. Dustin sends Hager outside into the crowd. Dustin slams Hager’s hand on the metal railing as he starts to work on it. Hager takes down Rhodes with a big lariat on the floor. Hager takes him back to the ring for a two-count. He continues to beat down Dustin and a knee strike sends Dustin to the floor.

Dustin gets back in the ring first and throws Hager into the corner. The action goes to the floor again where Hager tosses Dustin into the barricade. Rhodes hits a big boot on Hager as he was talking to his wife in the crowd. Hager’s wife goes for a slap but Dustin grabs her hand and kisses her. He continues to assault Hager in the ring with a bulldog, power slam and strikes in between.

Hager drops him on the top rope. A chop block on Dustin’s knee. Dustin hits a big boot when Hager goes for Vader bomb. Hager gets up and slams him before hitting Vader bomb. Hager gets the punches going in the corner. He hits the Gutwrench powerbomb for a near fall. Hager charges to Dustin but is dropped over the top rope with momentum, going face-first into the steel steps. Dustin goes for the shattered dreams in the ring but Hager gets out. Dustin hits code red for a near fall of his own.

Rhodes is now working on the arm and hits a cross arm breaker. Hager rolls over though for the ankle lock. Rhodes gets out of it after the initial struggle. As the referee was distracted, Hager hits a low blow. Hager puts Dustin in a standing arm triangle. He continues hitting knees to his midsection which eventually made Dustin pass out. Some MMA-style finish there.

Winner- Jake Hager

Darby Allin vs Sammy Guevara

Allin catches Guevara with a suicide dive during his entrance. Guevara catches him with a dropkick, pushing him into the barricade. Allin with an Irish whip but Guevara gets away. They continue to brawl around the ring. Guevara then launches Allin’s skateboard right at him. He sets up a table on the floor then hits a 630 senton off the top rope down on Allin.

Both men get in the ring for the bell to ring finally rings. Guevara hits a sliding knee and gets two count. Guevara uses the ropes to choke out Allin as he is keeping control. Jurassic Express is looking over the match from the front row. Allin catches Guevara with a Canadian destroyer when Guevara goes to get the skateboard.

Allin heads to the top rope, Guevara follows but gets shoved into the ring. Guevara leaps to the top and hits a big spanish fly, cover, two. Guevara exposes the top turnbuckle, Allin ends up sending him into it moments later. Allin with cutter and coffin drop from the top rope, gets the pin.

Winner- Darby Allin

Allin grabs the skateboard post-match to hit Guevara with it but Jake Hager pulls him out and makes a quick retreat.