AEW Full Gear 2022: Jon Moxley vs MJF World Championship Result

Jon Moxley vs MJF AEW Full Gear 2022

MJF returned to AEW at All Out 2022 and won the Casino Poker chip as the Joker after being helped by the Firm. He has teased cashing in Poker Chip for a while but William Regal got under his skin by saying that he has done nothing noteworthy so far. An irked MJF then announced that he would do things the right way for the first time and will face Moxley at Full Gear.

The Firm then attacked MJF when he tried to stop them from attacking Moxley as he wanted Moxley at 100% to avoid any excuses and make his title win worthy.

The feud between these two became personal with time as both MJF and Jon Moxley took shots against each other. The Firm, though, remained a presence in the background all along.

Live Update

MJF was the first one to make his entrance whereas the AEW World Champion Jon Moxley accompanied by William Regal was the second one to enter the ring. 

MJF started things off by slapping Moxley, and the latter replied with an elbow to the face. Moxley dominated MJF for a bit before the latter started taunting the champion with the dance. He also shows that he is about to hit Moxley with the suicide dive, but he didn’t and continued running between the ropes. 

Moxley didn’t like this, and he came to the ring and attacked MJF. He hits some punches before hitting MJF with the falcon arrow followed by an armbar. MJF managed to break the arm breaker by using his leg to reach the bottom rope. Moxley beat down MJF a little at the turnbuckle before he went outside the ring and lifted his title. 

MJF tried a sneak attack on Moxley, but he failed, and the latter drove him to the steel steps. The action finally continued inside the ring where MJF rebound with a clothesline. He also hit an inverted atomic bomb followed by some jabs. 

MJF go outside the ring, kissed the title, and then cleared the timekeeper’s table. He came back inside the ring but was caught in an attack by Moxley. The latter was in control of the match once again as he started stomping MJF’s head and midsection. 

Moxley and MJF went to the apron where Moxley tried to pick MJF but failed. The latter countered it with a tombstone piledriver on the apron for a two-count. Both of them are at the apron again but this time Jon Moxley hits MJF with a piledriver and that too through the table set up by MJF himself. 

Moxley got back to the ring, and MJF barely managed to beat the count at 9. However, Moxley hit him with the paradigm shift right after he gets into the ring for a two-count. Moxley didn’t stop there and put MJF into the figure-four leg lock. MJF managed to turn it, and Moxley immediately went for the ropes. 

Moxley started working on the leg of MJF. Mox climbed the top rope, but MJF made him lose his grip with the help of ropes. MJF climbed the ropes as well, but he was hit by an avalanche paradigm shift from the top rope by Moxley. However, when Moxley covered him for the pin, he grabbed the bottom rope.

MJF barely managed to stand, and then he spat on Moxley’s face. The champion slapped him and MJF was down again. MJF finally replied with a strike and then both of them traded some strikes. When Mox was coming for MJF, the latter pulled the referee and he ate the attack. 

MJF wanted to use his diamond ring, but William Regal told him not to do so. MJF showed him the middle finger but then he was caught by Moxley. The second referee came to the ring, but he was caught in the brawl between MJF and Mox as well. 

Moxley puts MJF into the bulldog choke and the challenger taps but the official doesn’t see him. In the ending moments of the match, William Regal slipped the brass knuckles to MJF seemingly turning on Jon Moxley. MJF used the knuckles to hit Moxley and got the pinfall. 

MJF is finally the new All Elite World Champion.

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