AEW Full Gear 2022: Death Triangle vs The Elites Result

Death Triangle vs. The Elite AEW FUll Gear 2022
Credit: AEW

Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson, and Nick Jackson, collectively known as the Elites, became the inaugural AEW World trios champion at AEW All Out 2022. However, they were stripped of the title due to their involvement in the backstage brawl that took place after AEW All Out media scrum. 

Death Triangle then won the vacated titles and defended them multiple times. The tease of The Elites’ return started a few weeks back, prompting PAC to call them out. After this, it was revealed The Elites would challenge Death Triangle for the AEW World Trios Championship at AEW Full Gear 2022 PPV.

Live Updates

Death Triangle made their entrance first followed by the Elites who used a new entrance theme. PAC and Kenny Omega started off the match for their teams. 

They did some back-and-forth switches before Omega hit a dropkick to PAC. The latter returned the favor with a kick to the face. 

Nick Jackson and Rey Fenix got the tag for some back-and-forth action. Soon, Penta and Matt entered the ring and started a sequence of kicks. The Young Bucks managed to hit the Lucha Bros with the stereo superkicks. 

Soon, Penta tags in and began his offense against Kenny. After that Rey and Matt got the tag where the latter used the northern light suplex. 

Nick and Penta got the hot tag. Nick hits him with the sequence of a running knee, gamengiri, and bulldog to get a near fall.

Later, Nick hit Penta with the hurricanrana from the top rope to clear everyone outside the ring. Kenny and PAC get back inside the ring where Kenny hit PAC with a brainbuster. 

However, PAC managed to counter the V-trigger and replied with a german suplex. All six of them entered the ring, and Death Triangle hits the Elites with the triple tombstone piledrivers. 

After, PAC hit Omega with the black arrow followed by a brutalizer, but Nick saved the match. Soon, the Elites rebound and reply with a triple superkick to Rey followed by a triple powerbomb. 

PAC breaks the pin and tries to use the hammer while the referee was distracted but Nick didn’t allow him and stops him with a superkick. In the ending moments of the match, Rey hit Omega with the hammer who was about to use the One Winged Angel followed by the Sunset flip to get the win. 

The Death Triangle retained their AEW World trios title against the returning Elites.

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