AEW Dynamite Live Results December 28, 2022 New Year’s Smash

Bryan Danielson vs Ethan Page AEW Dynamite December 28 2022
Image Credits – AEW

Welcome to the live results blog for New Year’s Smash special episode of AEW Dynamite on December 28, 2022, which will be the last Dynamite of 2022.

Samoa Joe defends TNT AEW Championship against Wadlow in the only title match on the card. Ethan Page has challenged Bryan Danielson for a singles match as Danielson’s rivalry with MJF starts.

The Elites and Death Triangle will clash in a Falls Count Anywhere match which will be the sixth match in the Best of 7 series. Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli will be in action in a tag team match against Top Flight. Ruby Soho & Williow Nightingale will take on JAS’ Tay Melo and Anna Jay AS.

Check below as we post results from AEW Dynamite December 28, 2022, New Year’s Smash episode with live updates, winners, highlights and complete action.


  • Bryan Danielson defeated Ethan Page in a singles match via technical submission.
  • Blackpool Combat Club(Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli) defeated Top Flight(Darius Martin & Dante Martin) in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Hook defeated Bayleym Lyuinx in a singles match via submission.
  • The Elites(Kenny Omega, Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson) defeated Death Triangle(PAC, Penta El Zero Meido & Rey Fenix) in a Falls Count Anywhere match via pinfall.(Match 6 of Best of 7 Series).
  • Jericho Appreciation Society(Tay Melo & Anna Jay AS) defeated Ruby Soho & Willow Nightingale in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Samoa Joe(c) defeated Wardlow in a singles match via technical submission to retain AEW TNT Championship.


Bryan Danielson vs Ethan Page

Bryan Danielson comes out first. Page quickly follows him out. Just as the match was about to start, MJF interrupts them from the skybox. Page attacks Bryan as Byran gets distracted. He stomps on Bryan in the corner. He follows up with a whip to the corner and more punches. Bryan pushes him to the ropes to break a side headlock but Page tackles him. Page hits a scoop and a slam.

Bryan comes back with a running forearm. He hits some chops before Page counters in the corner with his own chops. Bryan hits chops and sidekicks before hitting a knee to the midsection. Bryan goes for the Romero special but Page try to block it. Bryan rakes his face and stomps on him. Bryan slams Page’s knee to the mat before a stomp. Page hits a back elbow as he runs the ropes.

Page takes Bryan to the top. Bryan fights back and punches him to drop him back to the mat. Bryan hits a missile dropkick. Stokeley Hathaway tries to distract Bryan but he was quick to avoid a shot from behind. Bryan kicks Page to the floor and hits a suicide dive. Hathaway once again distracts Bryan and Page catches him with a shot on his way back to the ring. We cut to a break.

Page drops Bryan to his knees with a big shot. Bryan blocks a suplex and hits a German suplex. They start to go back and forth as they get up together. Bryan avoids a charge to the corner and kicks at his knee. Bryan hits chops and sidekicks in corner before setting up Page on the top to hit an avalanche hurricanrana. Bryan then hits Yes Kicks.

Page goes to the floor and Hathaway pushes him away from a dive from Page. Page hits Bryan with a body slam on the floor. Back to the ring, Page hits a cutter to get a close two-count. Bryan counters with a DDT. He hits a roundhouse kick for a near fall before putting on crossface. Page gets his legs to the ropes to break it.

Bryan goes to the top but Page trips him. Page joins him on the top but Bryan hits him with hammer elbows to his collarbone. Page hits an avalanche powerslam for a near fall. Page sets up for Ego’s Edge but Bryan slips out and hits a running knee. Bryan hits his signature stomps before putting on the Labell lock. Page is put to sleep immediately and the referee calls the match.

Winner – Bryan Danielson

Wardlow was interviewed backstage for his match against Samoa Joe later tonight. Joe suddenly attacks Wardlow with a steel pipe on his knees. Joe leaves as the crew runs in to check on Wardlow.

Adam Page is interviewed backstage with Dark Order. Page says he is not sure when he will be medically cleared. He is asked about Jon Moxley’s page being next and he immediately gets up to go out. Dark Order hold him back. The trainer tells Page that he is on the way to be cleared in 2 weeks, but he will have to stop getting into fights.

Blackpool Combat Club(Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli) vs Top Flight(Darius Martin & Dante Martin)

Top Flight attack Moxley and Claudio just as they enter. They go for dives on the floor but Mox and Claudio send them into the barricade. Moxley takes Darius into the ring to start the match. They corner Darius in their corner for some punishment. They keep Darius under control with quick tags. Claudio hits a body slam. Darius fires back with body shots before Claudio hits another body slam.

Moxley tags in and hits chops in the corner. He rakes his face with his chin before raking his back with his nails. Darius pushes him off the top and hits a missile dropkick. Dante gets a hot tag and hits a flying crossbody. He hits a dropkick on Claudio to send him to the floor. Dante hits springboard kick to get a two-count. Moxley fires back with punches and hits elbows to his neck. Darius saves Dante with a chop block. We cut to a break.

Moxley counters as we return from the break and tags in Claudio. Claudio hits a series of European uppercuts on Dante as he comes in. He follows up with European uppercuts from corner to corner. He hits a dropkick to get a near fall. Claudio goes for the Giant swing but Darius blocks it. Claudio puts Darius in the Giant Swing. Dante breaks it up. Top Flight brings Claudio down with a double team move.

Claudio hits a double suplex. Top Flight work in tandem to drop Claudio with a DDT. Moxley has to run in to break the pin. Top Flight catch Moxley with a double superkick. Claudio hits quick shots but Top Flight continue to work together. Dante hits a suicide dive on Moxley on the floor while Darius hits a standing Spanish fly on Claudio in the ring to get a near fall.

Moxley distracts Darius but Darius kicks him off the apron. Claudio hits Darius with a neutralizer but Darius kicks out. Claudio is frustrated with the kick out. Claudio starts hitting hammer elbows to his neck. Dante comes in to hit Claudio but he no-sells it. Moxley drops Dante with a king kong lariat. Claudio hits hammer elbows on Darius. Moxley hits Paradigm Shift on Dante on the floor. Darius fires back with a big shot before Claudio hits an uppercut to get the pinfall.

Winner – Blackpool Combat Club

Kip Sabian is backstage with Renee Paquette along with AEW All Atlantic Champion Orange Cassidy, Danhausen and Best Friends. Sabian says since he eliminated Cassidy in the Battle Royal last week, he should get a shot at All Atlantic title. Trent Baretta tells Sabian that he eliminated Sabian, so, he should be the one getting the title shot. Cassidy says Trent will get the title shot this week.

Hook vs Bayleym Lyuinx

Hook starts with big shots. He hits some throws before some shots in the corner. He puts on the RedRum to get a quick submission.

Winner – Hook

After the match, Stokeley Hathaway comes out with Big Bill and Lee Moriarty. “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry comes out to attack them. Perry brings down Moriarty on the ramp. Bill and Hook face off in the ring. Hook goes a Saito suplex on Bill, but he proves to be too big for him. Bill goes for a chokeslam on Bill but Perry hits Bill with a wooden block to stop the chokeslam.

Chris Jericho cuts a promo backstage against Ricky Starks saying that Starks is a fool to turn down Jericho Appreciation Society. Jericho says he will battle Starks next week on Dynamite.

Shane Strickland is backstage with Parker Beaudreax and his other affiliate. He talks trash about Keith Lee until Wheeler Yuta comes in. Yuta challenges him for a match on Rampage this week.

The Elites(Kenny Omega, Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson) vs Death Triangle(PAC, Penta El Zero Meido & Rey Fenix) – Falls Count Anywhere match – Match 6 of Best of 7 Series

The fight starts backstage itself. Penta slams every opponent with a trash can. PAC hits a brainbuster on Omega on a wooden platform. PAC hits a moonsault on The Young Bucks from the top of a rack as Lucha Bros hold them. Matt hits a back body drop on Penta and drop Rey. Nick beats up PAC and sends him into a superkick from Matt. Penta breaks a pin attempt on Pac. Nick hits a senton on Penta to stop Fear Factor on Matt.

Matt takes PAC outside. Others also follow them out. Nick fights PAC. Rey is on top of stage. The Young Bucks hit stereo superkicks on Pac and Penta. Rey hits tornillo on everyone on the stage. Omega hits Rey with V-Trigger. Pac and Omega counter each other before Pac hits briding German suplex. Matt breaks the pin. Pac and Matt trade shots. Matt ducks a swing and hits locomotive Nothern Light suplex on PAC. Rey tries to save him. Nick hits a senton on Penta. Matt puts Rey in suplex also and drops both PAC and Rey on the ramp. We cut to a break.

Penta kicks at Omega’s knee as we return. Death Triangle brings out a trash can and put it over Omega’s head. They hit him with a triple dropkick. Omega throws Penta to the floor and then hits a back body drop on Rey to send him on Penta. Omega sends Pac to the corner and Nick comes in to hit Pac with a step-up knee. Everyone hits big moves on each other until Omega drops Pac once again.

Omega hits a V-Trigger on Pac with a trash can over his head. Omega hits a doctor bomb on Pac over a trash can, but Pac kicks out. Omega goes for One Winged Angel but Penta blocks it. Rey helps Penta to hit a spiked piledriver on Omega on the floor. The Young Bucks are in the ring and Rey fights them off before hitting a suicide dive on Omega.

Nick counters Penta’s Fear Factor. The Young Bucks hit a spiked piledriver on Penta. Pac breaks the pin. The Young Bucks beat up Pac before hitting BTE Trigger on Penta. Pac breaks the pin once again. Pac is hit with BTE trigger now. Pac fights out of a double-team move. Matt’s superkick lands on Nick. Pac puts Matt in Brutalizer. Omega hits One Winged Angel on Rey through a table in the crowd and gets the pin. Matt taps out to Pac but Omega got the pin first.

Winner – The Elites

The Acclaimed present a rap mocking Jeff Jerret, Jay Lethal and others in their stable.

Ruby Soho & Willow Nightingale vs Jericho Appreciation Society(Tay Melo & Anna Jay AS)

Melo mocks Willow after avoiding his moves. Willow tackles her. Ruby gets a blind tag of her and gets into the ring. Melo runs out and tags in Anna. Ruby and Anna lock up and Ruby gets better of it as she goes to unload on Anna with quick rights. Soho and Willow work on Anna with quick tags.

Willow hits a splash to get a two-count. Melo distracts Soho on the outside. Jay attacks Willow’s knee. She takes Willow to the corner to slam her face into the turnbuckle. We cut to a break.

Jay is in control of Willow as we return. Willow comes back with a lariat. Ruby comes in with a hot tag against Tay with a takedown into punches. More quick action follows. Ruby drops Jay with STO. Ruby hits No Future kick on Melo but she kicks out of the pin.

All four women drop each other with moves one by one. Jay hits a a scorpion kick on Ruby and Melo follows it up with DDTay. Willow breaks the pin. Willow hits a suplex on Jay on the floor. Ruby and Melo trade shots in the ring. Anna tries to beat up Willow with a chair but the referee stops her. Melo takes advantage of the distraction to hit Ruby with a pump kick against a chair. Melo hits TayKO on Ruby to get the pinfall.

Winner – Tay Melo & Anna Jay

Samoa Joe(c) vs Wardlow – AEW TNT Championship

Samoa Joe makes his way out to the ring. He waits for a while but Wardlow does not come out. Joe cuts a promo saying Wardlow is afraid and then dunks on a Denver Broncos team. Wardlow comes out now and makes his way into the ring despite some referees trying to stop him.

Wardlow rushes Joe with big shots. He corners Joe to unload some more. Joe fires back with his shot but his charge is cut off with a spinebuster from Wardlow. Wardlow unloads with some ground and pound. He puts Joe on the ropes to choke him up for a while. Joe hits an Urinage from the corner. Joe hits big chops but Wardlow is up when Joe runs the ropes and drops him with a lariat.

Wardlow hits punches in the corner which draws a warning from the referee. Joe hits him with a knee breaker to take us to a break.

Joe kicks at Wardlow’s knee as we return from the break. Joe continues to target the knee before hitting some chops. Joe works more on the knee. Wardlow gets to ropes to break a submission on the knee. Joe sets up Wardlow on the top. Wardlow blocks a superplex and punches Joe back to the mat. Wardlow hits a Swanton Bomb but his injury does not allow him to cover Joe.

The referee starts a countdown. Both men get up to break it. They trade shots before Wardlow hits a German suplex. He follows up with another German suplex. Joe counters a whip to the corner but Wardlow hits a moonsault senton off the top rope. He quickly gets to cover this time but Joe kicks out.

Joe ducks a lariat and puts Wardlow in Coquina Clutch. Wardlow breaks free and hits a lariat to get a two-count. Joe trips him with a drop toe hold. Joe hits chops in the corner before getting on the second rope. Wardlow picks him up and hits a powerbomb. Wardlow goes for another powerbomb from the mat now, but his knees give up.

Joe hits a chop block and puts on Coquina clutch. The referee calls the match when Wardlow is put to sleep.

Winner – Samoa Joe

After the match, Wardlow slowly wake up. Joe runs him over with his title belt. Joe brings out a tool box and he cuts off Wardlow’s pony tail. Darby Allin’s music hits. Joe waits for him in the ring. Darby comes from behind and hits Joe with his skateboard.

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