Adam Page Wins Casino Battle Royal at Double or Nothing 2019

Adam “Hangman” Page has won the Casino Battle Royal at AEW Double or Nothing’s ‘Buy In’ pre-show.

Adam page won Casino battle royal
Adam page won Casino battle royal

Adam Page was supposed to face PAC at Double or Nothing but their match got canceled due to creative differences between AEW and PAC. They instead had a match at Wrestlegate Pro last week. At the time, it was announced that Page will get a different opponent for the show. But earlier this week, AEW announced on the episode of Being the Elite that Page has suffered a knee injury and is not allowed for Double or Nothing.

However, it was always anticipated that Page will enter at no 21 in the Casino Battle Royal as the winner of the match would enter into the AEW World Title Match. And the same thing happened as he entered last in the Battle Royal. After this win, Page will face the winner of the match between Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho for the AEW World Championship.

Match Description

MJF, Dustin Thomas, Sunny Daze, Brandon Cutler, and Michale Nakazawa start things off.  MJF immediately goes after Thomas and calls him Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump, Cutler immediately swings on MJF. Nakazawa brings out the baby oil and uses it to his advantage to slide out of a few moves. Diamond Group is drawn: Brian Pillman Jr., Isiah Kassidy, Jimmy Havoc, Joey Janela, and Shawn Spears. Shawn Spears heads out and gets a “10!” chant from the crowd. He goes right after MJF but gets poked in the eye and MJF mocks the 10 pose. Spears returns fire with a neckbreaker, does his ten hand pose and then gives a middle finger.

Glacier gets a quick elimination while MJF and Billy Gunn fight near the ropes. Brian Pillman Jr. comes in with a dropkick off of the top rope. Only a few people have been eliminated so far. Billy Gunn, Glacier, Ace Romero, Marq Quen, Sonny Kiss, Tommy Dreamer, Luchasaurus, Marko Stunt and others enter. One last guy to go as every swing away on each other. Plenty of bodies still to go. Dream heads into the ring and sends a trash can into the ring, clipping Luchasaurus. Dreamer starts smacking everyone with a trash lid. Havoc wants a shot from Dream, then gets a cutter.

Surprise but no Surprise when Adam “Hangman” Page enters at no. 21. Page has some tapes on his knees. He takes out so many one by one. Janela and Page meet in the middle of the ring and swing away on each other. Spears lights up Romero in the corner as Luchasaurus wants a piece of Page, but Romero ends up taking out Luchasaurus. Page tried to lift up Romero and the knee gives out. Stunt takes on Romero, but ends up getting pounced out of the ring and onto Private Party! Jungle Boy with a dropkick to Romero’s back and sends him out of the ring.

Shawn Spears set up Jungle Boy for Dustin Thomas to hit him with a 619 and a springboard 450. He ends up eliminating Shawn Spears before MJF pushes him out of the ring for an elimination.  Cutler sends Gunn out, MJF tosses Cutler. Luchasaurus ends up sending Janela out and down through a table! Dreamer eliminates Kiss. Cassidy finally gets into the ring and sends in the lights kicks on Dreamer’s leg. Dreamer plays along and punches Cassidy, he kips up with hands in his pockets. Dreamer then just sends him out of the ring. Havoc with a staple gun to Dreamer’s head and down low, he’s out of the match. Jimmy Havoc eliminates Jungle Boy to bring it down to the final four: Page, MJF, Luchasaurus and Havoc.

Jungle Boy was nearly thrown out by MJF, but Havoc bites on Jungle Boy’s fingers and he’s out. Down to the final four: Page, Luchasaurus, Havoc, and MJF. The three go after MJF at first, he rolls out to the floor, but not over the top rope. Luchasaurus sends out Havoc. Page and Lucha face off in the ring with MJF still sitting out on the floor. He gets dropped on his knee, Luchasaurus charges, Page drops down and out he goes. Page thinks he won, MJF sneaks in and tries to throw him out. Page hangs on, hits buckshot lariat and sends MJF out of the ring.

Winner- Adam “Hangman” Page

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