Jorge Masvidal vs Gilbert Burns UFC 287 Live Blog Play By Play

Gilbert Burns vs Jorge Masvidal

Two UFC stalwarts in Jorge Masvidal and Gilbert Burns clash in the co-main event of UFC 287 PPV in Miami, FL, in a key welterweight bout.

After going on a 6-fights winning streak at the top of the division and win over former champion Tyron Woodley, Burns has alternated between wins and losses in his last 4 bouts. He lost the Welterweight title fight to Kamaru Usman before win over Stephen Thompson. Then, he lost into an absolute war with Khamzat Chimaev at UFC 273 before beating Neil Magny to start 2023.

Jorge Masvidal has lost last 3 of his fights and we have to go back to 2019 against Nate Diaz to find his last win. However, two of those fights were against welterweight title fights against Kamaru Usman. He was last active in March 2022 where he fought Colby Covington for a one-sided decision loss. Masvidal got involved in an altercation with Covington out of the octagon and has been since involved in a legal battle with him.

Is Masvidal’s mind in right place to take up this big fight against Burns? Tune in below to find out as we post live play-by-play and round-by-round updates from Gilbert Burns vs Jorge Masvidal welterweight bout from UFC 287.

Live Updates


We see Gilbert Burns and Jorge Masvidal shadow boxing in their locker room. We are into the video package for the fight now. Masvidal walks out first to a loud cheer from his hometown crowd. Not a lot of boos from the crowd when Burns walks out. Bruce Buffer joins in to announce both fighters, the judges and the referee Marc Goodard. And now, it’s time.

Round 1

The crowd is hot as the round starts. Both men do nothing for 15 seconds. Masvidal goes for a calf kick, but after that they go back to feeling out process. Masvidal hits another calf kick. Burns reaches out for a jab. Burns connects a jab near the end of second minute. No action again for the next 30 seconds. Burns hits a high kick now. Masvidal charges with punches and a low kick. Masvidal connects another low kick. Burns fires back with a couple of kicks.

Burns lands a right and ducks the corner. He goes for a takedown but Masvidal is able to defend it easily. Burns pushes him back. Masvidal replies with a low kick. Burns lands some rights. Burns changes stance and lands more rights. Masvidal lands another kick. Masvidal goes for a knee but Burns connects a right. Late in the round, Burns lands another right and then quickly gets a takedown. He unloads for a few seconds to close the round.

Round 2

Burns starts with more right hands. Masvidal is trapped in the corner. Burns goes for a takedown and Masvidal makes a mistake and Burns complete the takedown. Masvidal is working to prevent ground and pound. Burns is trying to land his shots while Masvidal is trying to choke Burns. Burns is trying to get into the position for his shots but Masvidal is doing well by controlling the right arm. We are half way into the round.

The referee is asking for more output from the fighters as things have become dull. Masvidal gets back at his feet as they get near the cage. Masvidal rolls over but is unable to break Burns’ grip. Burns completes another takedown but Masvidal gets his head and chest free. He also has a guillotine grip on but is not able to do much with it. Masvidal gets back on his feet as the final minute starts and starts to work on separation. They finally separate with 30 seconds to go. Masvidal lands a right. That is it for the round.

Round 3

Burns hits a high kick after Masvidal lands a jab. Masvidal hits an outside calf kick. Burns lands a right. They trade inside calf kicks. Burns lands another jab before he goes high. Masvidal replies with a couple of kicks. Masvidal lands more kicks. Burns misses a swing but is able to land more jabs. Burns connects a jab flush to the face. Masvidal dares him to come at him and Burns follows up with more jabs. Jorge lands a right himself but Burns replies with a sequence right after it. Burns lands another big right.

Masvidal pushes him back with a low kick and an overhead right. Burns connects a cracking right. Masvidal connects another punch. Burns goes for a takedown but Masvidal gets close to the cage to defend it. Burns works and is able to get a takedown with just a minute to go. Burns lands some elbows before attmepting a submission. Masvidal is making it difficult for him to do anything to his credit. Burns gets on his back with 15 seconds left. Masvidal attempts to get back to his feet as the round ends.

Official Decision

Gilbert Burns won via unanimous decision(30-27, 30-27, 29-28).

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