WWE RAW Match Card & Preview November 21, 2022

WWE RAW November 21 2022
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WWE RAW November 21, 2022 episode will be the go-home episode of WWE Survivor Series WarGames 2022 event and will feature WarGames Advantage match.

Rhea Ripley will take on Asuka in the WarGames Advantage for women’s match. We will get more build-up for Survivor Series event and might also get another match added to the card for Saturday’s event. How will Seth Rollins respond to Austin Theory’s attack? Check below to get complete preview and match for WWE Monday Night RAW episode of November 21, 2022.

WarGames Advantage

Rhea Ripley joined Damage CTRL’s team last week to complete their team. She will immediately step up to get the woman’s advantage in the WarGames match. She will be facing the Ace Asuka from Team Belair. Which team will end up with the important advantage? And who will be the last woman to join Team Belair?

How will Seth Rollins’ Respond to Challengers?

Seth Rollins survived a scare when Austin Theory cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase. Bobby Lashley was waiting for him to challenge last week before he defended the title against Finn Balor. After the title defence, Austin Theory once again jumped on Rollins and closed the show standing on top of him. How will Seth Rollins respond to this influx of challengers?

What More to Expect?

Kevin Owens was revealed to join The Brawling Brutes and Drew McIntyre in men’s WarGames match. He is expected to appear on RAW also. What does he have to say?

The OC thwarted Judgment Day from interfering in United States title match. Finn Balor and AJ Styles are scheduled to face off at Survivor Series. How will this rivalry continue this week?

Who will Baron Corbin face this week?

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  1. Looks like the Game is setting up Bayley’s faction to secure the advantage at War Games! Will be interesting to see who the fifth member of Team Bianca will be? Maybe Candice? Or Becky? Or Charlotte? I’m rooting for Bianca’s team to rally for a win and hopefully put an end to this feud once and for all!! The WWE Universe is clearly behind them so hopefully the Boston crowd will help put them over the top on Saturday night!! I was also shocked and disappointed that Hunter abruptly took away the Tag Team Titles from Asuka and Alexa 5 days after winning it clean by pin on Halloween night RAW!!?? They’ve proven themselves to be the superior team! Hopefully, the Empress and Goddess will get another chance to take back the Tag Titles from DC and hold on to them long enough to face all of the top challengers, including Raquel and Shotzi along with Ronda and Shayna! What a banger of a feud that could be vs. the MMA women!!

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