WWE Monday Night RAW Live Results & Updates- 18 May 2020

Welcome to ITN’s Live Results & Updates Blog WWE Monday Night RAW episode of 18 May 2020(5/18/2020).

Date- 18 May 2020
Location- WWE Performance Center, Orlando, FL, US
Time- 8 PM EST(19 May 2020 12 AM GMT/5:30 AM IST)

The show opens with recap of how Becky Lynch relinquished the title and handed it to Asuka. Samoa Joe and Byron Saxton welcome us after the theme song.

Edge & Orton

Charly Caruso is in the ring. She brings out Randy Orton as her guest. Orton wonders why his challenge to Edge for WWE Backlash, for a straight-up wrestling match was hard to understand for many people. He goes on about how they tore each other at WrestleMania 36 but Edge isn’t the better wrestler. He knows it and plans to prove it, but doesn’t need tables, ladders or chairs to prove that. Orton knows why Edge didn’t accept his challenge last week – doubt.

Edge’s music hits and he comes out. He says Orton spoke a lot of truths last week. He knows Orton is playing chess and he can’t rush into his next move. Edge says this is all a game to Orton. They yell at each other after Orton tried to interrupt Edge. Orton asks him whether Edge will accept the challenge. Edge accepts and drops the mic. Orton nods at Edge before making his exit.

Rollins Explains Act on Mysterio

Seth Rollins comes out with Murphy. Rollins takes the mic and says when he lost to Drew McIntyre at Money In the Bank, part of him felt like he lost everything. He fell into a dark place, one he thought he might never escape, but without darkness, there can be no light. But what he does to Rey has led him to see the light brighter than before. Rollins says he sees what happened to Rey was unfortunate but necessary. It was a moment that he needed for the clarity he needed to be the leader he was meant to be.

Humberto Carrillo comes out and tells Rollins that no one believes that he is trying to care about Rey. He says Rey is a hero to millions and his idol, while all Rollins is a coward. Humberto enters the ring but Murphy gets in front of Rollins. Rollins appreciates and respects Humberto coming out to stand up for Rey but he is not dressed for it. He puts forward Murphy for a match with Carrillo.

Humberto Carrillo vs Murphy

They start with back and forth action but Carrillo gets the first blood with dropkick. After more running around, he hits a side kick but then Murphy trips him at the top turnbuckle and dropped him to the mat. Blows to the back and Murphy puts him in a chin lock. Carrillo uses a headbutt to get out of it.

A dropkick sends Murphy to the arpon. Carrillo follows with a springboard sidekick and suicide dive. He takes back Murphy into the ring. Rollins distracts him for a while, which gives Murphy to recover and counter with the Murphy’s law for the win.

Winner- Murphy

After the match, Rollins comes into the ring and tells Murphy to punish Carrillo some more. Aleister Black runs out and attacks Murphy. Rollins sneaks out from the ring. Murphy also runs off and joins Rollins at the ramp.